Kérastase ‘Bodifying Shampoo’ Review

I hadn’t heard of the brand Kérastase before receiving this shampooo in June’s Look Fantastic box, and then out of the blue I spotted a lovely window display for the brand in Camden. I’ve been really keen to try this shampoo since spotting it out and about. I like to change my shampoo regularly, and I’m not really loyal to one brand of shampoo, there are a few that I like, so I’m hoping to add another to the list. My Look Fantastic booklet says:

“As one of the leading luxury haircare brands, Kérastase is at the forefront of innovation to deliver beautiful results to your hair. With a huge collection of shampooos, designed to cleanse, condition and protect your locks, which one will you discover in your Special Beauty box?”

This is an 80ml sample of the Bodifying Shampoo. Full size, the shampoo is available in 250ml bottles for £13 from lookfantastic.com with free delivery. It’s also available in a larger 500ml bottle for £20.85 from hqhair.com, also with free delivery. Based on the cheapest cost per ml the shampoo costs 4p per ml, meaning my sample is worth apprroximately £3.34. On the lookfantastic.com website there are currently 72 Kérastase shampoos for sale, so there is plenty of variety of Bodifying doesn’t seem up your street.

The shampoo is packaged in a cream/pale yellow bottle with a grey lid. The front of the bottle has the brand and product information, and has a lovely shiny gold coloured K in the centre to show off the brand. The back of the bottle has the ingredients (above photo), and has the company contact information and place of manufacture (Spain.) It also lists a L’Oreal address on the bottle, I wouldn’t have know the two brands were associated but it’s nice to know that this is part of a larger brand that I know so well.

Unscrewing the lid of the bottle, I breathe in the scent of the shampoo. It smells lovely and it’s fairly strong too, so as I started applying it to my hair the shower quickly became full of the lovely smell of the shampoo. The shampoo built up a lovely rich lather, and rinsed out easily. I conditioned as usual with Aussie Miracle Shine Conditioner, applied my usual styling products and dried my hair.

After drying I’m really happy with my hair. One reason I love to change my shampoo so frequently is to prevent build, up, and I really feel like my hair has been refreshed. It’s soft and shiny, but not plasticky. I’m really looking forward to using the rest of this sample, but long term I don’t think I’ll buy the shampoo again as it’s a little pricey for day to day use for me. It’s a great shampoo, but there are plenty of alternative options which give me similar results for a fraction of the price. Still, I’m very glad to have tried it, thank you Look Fantastic and Kérastase. 

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