Beauty Pro ‘Black Diamond’ Review

I have watched so many videos of peel off face masks on Instagram, and I just love them. Some of the ones I’ve seen look really uncomfortable as they come off, and I can tell the blogger is really having to force a smile in the video. Others look much more bearable. I’ve never tried one of these masks myself before, although they are on my wish list. The reason I’ve never got around to buying one is I just don’t want to buy the wrong one and be in agony when pulling it off. I’m so happy to have this mask to try in June’s Glossybox, I know Glossybox will send me a good one! My Glossybox card says:

“If you haven’t seen a YouTube clip of someone peeling this mask away from their skin (only to show you a string of unplugged blackheads – yuk) where have you been? With activated charcoal to deep cleanse and balance oil, this mask is a must at least once a week.”

This is a single 7g sachet of face mask with enough product for one use. The mask can be bought in a pack of these for £4.95 from, which means my single mask is worth £1.65. If you like the mask you can use the code GLOSSY20 to get 20% off from beautypro until 31.07.17. 

The mask is packaged in a white foil sachet, with a tear strip at the top. The product name, and brand name is on the front, along with a picture depicting a lady ready to peel off her face mask. The back of the sachet has the ingredients (photo above), company contact details, and place of manufacture (Korea). The back of the packaging says:

“An innovative black peel-off mask with Activated Charcoal that loosens blackheads and cleanses deep into the pores to remove impurities. The skin rejuvenating formula clarifies and purifies while rebalancing oily areas. Literally peel the mask away to reveal fresh skin.”

Directions: Apply to dry skin, using finger tips or a mask brush, avoiding the hairline, eye and lip area. Remove after 10-20 minutes or when fully dry and elastic. Gently peel away mask in an upward motion. Rinse with warm water.

I tore open the sachet and started to tentatively apply the mask to my nose to begin. The mask smells quite nice, it’s not too strong smelling and has a sort generic beauty product smell to it.

I wanted to apply the mask to just to my nose, forehead and chin so that I could test a few small areas to make sure it didn’t hurt before going all in, but the mask is quite thin and runny and I dripped it everywhere. To tidy it up I decided to make it into a mask, careful to avoid my hair and eyes. I also avoided my lip as I waxed it yesterday. 

When I have finished smearing the black goo around my face I set a timer for twenty minutes.

If you don’t use a mask brush you will get seriously messy fingers – but don’t worry it does wash off. It took me a few washes to get my hands clean but they got there.

I can feel the mask changing texture as it dries. It feels like it’s shrink wrapping itself into my skin, and I’m suddenly aware of how still my face has been recently. It’s not uncomfortable or unpleasant, but if you don’t like the feeling of something hugging your skin you may not enjoy this sensation. The mask has changed appearance too, it’s become smooth and shiny.

The moment of truth! After twenty minutes I take a deep breath and start to feel under my chin for the edge of the mask. I pick at the edge of the mask with my nail, and I’m relieved that it comes away easily, and it’s not painful.

I continue peeling the mask away from my skin, working up over my chin, and around my mouth to my cheeks. Then peeling each cheek, before peeling off my nose and finally forehead. I didn’t feel any pain removing the mask from any areas of my face. The mask sounds like peeling Scellotape as it’s coming off which I found a little off putting. I definitely wish I’d put music on first to hide the sound!

I got the mask off in one piece – go me! Inside the mask I could see small impurities, but there wasn’t the mass yuckyness I had expected to see. I’m not going to show you the inside of my mask as you don’t need to see that. I did have a few patches of mask that hadn’t peeled off my skin completely, but these washed off easily with water and a flannel. 

Afterwards my skin feels incredible. It’s soft, it feels clean, and it feels really smooth. I have loved trying this messy, but fun and effective face mask, and now my fears have been alleviated I’m definitely taking advantage of the discount code and stocking up on a few of these. Thank you Glossybox, and thank you Beauty Pro. 

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