Vintage Cosmetic Company ‘Eyelash Curlers’ Review

I don’t have a pair of eyelash curlers. When I was younger and just getting into makeup I didn’t have a lot of surplus cash to spend, so I prioritised what I put in my makeup bag and looked for items that could do several jobs for me. This is true for my mascara – I focussed on buying mascara’s that claim to curl lashes as well as adding length and/or volume instead of buying additional accessories like curlers. Fast forward a few (ahem…) years, and whilst I have a little more to spend on my makeup bag I still look past the additional accessories, probably more out of habit than anything else now. As such, I was really happy to receive this eyelash curlers in June’s Roccabox as it is very unlikely I would have bought one for myself otherwise. My Roccabox card says:

“When a beauty tool that is as gorgeous to look at as it is functional, you know you’re on to a winner. When that tool delivers doe-eye lashes, is a favourite with fluttery-lashed celebrities AND comes in rose gold, well you know you’ve got yourself a make-up bag staple for life. These must-have eyelash curlers, made by a brand who know a thing or two about good lashes, will give you long-lasting luscious lashes with every squeeze.”

This is a full sized item, which is available in a silver coloured finish or a rose gold coloured finish – I got the silver. The curlers are available from lots of places including where they sell for £7.00. 

The curlers are packaged in the cutest box which is designed to perfectly represent vintage. The front of the box has a cream background, and a red, blue and yellow coloured floral pattern. The sides of the box are pistachio, and have cream coloured polka dots. The back of the box has a polka dot border, and has the brand name and company contact information. The box also says this is a British brand, which I think is also cute. I really like it when companies are proud of where they come from. 

Inside the box are the silver coloured eyelash curlers, and what I like about these is that they come with a clever clear plastic clip to hold them closed when not in use. 

The curlers also come with two replacement pads; if they start to get grubby or worn you can easily give them a lease of life without having to buy a new pair. 

Directions: Ensure curlers are clean and dry. Hold the eyelash curler in your hand like a pair of scissors and open fully. Ensure that all your lovely lashes are between the clamps. Close and hold the curlers clamped on your lashes for a second seconds while you dream about something gorgeous…Open the curlers to reveal gorgeous, glamorous and curly lashes. 

Tip: Hold curlers under a hairdryer on a low setting for a few seconds. Make sure they are warm and not hot, then curl lashes. This warms the curlers producing a better curl. Apply mascara to finish. 

I start by positioning the eyelash curlers over my eye, so that my eyelashes poke through the little slot in the curlers. The shape of the curlers is very comfortable and is perfectly shaped to capture my lashes but stay away from my actual eye. Be careful, if you use the hairdryer trick above remember that your eye area is sensitive so what feels cool to your hand, for example, feels warmer on the delicate skin around your eye. If in doubt, test the heat on the inside of your arm first instead of using your hand.

Squeezing the curlers shut I clamp down on my eyelashes, and check that they are still sticking out before waiting a few seconds. I probably waited about a minute or two by the time I took a one handed photo. 

I have very blonde eyelashes so I added a teeny bit of mascara so they show up, but I chose a mascara that was practically empty so as not to falsify the result. My lashes do have a definite curl to them, and I’ve noticed the look longer when they curl out instead of growing straight out ahead. 

I’m really happy with the eyelash curlers, and I wish I’d gone ahead and got myself a pair sooner. I think if I’d have realised they are so affordable I would have made the purchase, but now I know and I have them for future. Thank you Roccabox and Vintage Cosmetic Company. 

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