Cohorted June 2017 Unboxing

All of my beauty boxes have arrived a little early this month, which for a (sometimes) impatient lady like me is great news. Today I have recieved my June’s Cohortd box. Cohorted is a luxury beauty box subscription which costs £35 per month, and includes free delivery. Last month I recieved £72.01 worth of items, meaning I doubled my money. I also had some really great items included – I find this box really indulgent and love how spoilt it makes me feel.

Cohort have their own external boxes for delivery, which look like a beautiful present. I can’t help but get a little excited when I see this waiting for me.

Inside the external box is the sleek, elegant little black Cohorted box. The box is a square design and has the white Cohorted logo printed along the top of the box. The box closes with a flap at the front and is fastened with a pretty black ribbon which is tied in a bow.

Lifting the lid of the box I can see the Cohorted booklet included. The first page has a letter from the Cohorted team, which gives a very brief overview of the contents, and explains that the goodies will keep Cohortee’s looking radiant in the Summer Sun. The second page has the contents, and it lists the value of the box as £92 – I’ll be shopping for the items as I try them and I’ll see whether I agree with their total. The rest of the booklet discusses each of the items in the box, how best to use them and what the RRP of each item is.

Underneath the card I can see that I only have four products this month, and they are all makeup. I would guess that three of the items are full size items, and one is a sample size. I’m really happy having a box full of makeup – I get a lot of skincare and hair stuff in my other boxes.

Bellapierre – Glowing Palette: This item was Cohorted’s sneak peek, and what a gorgeous item to have in a beauty box. This is a 6 shade highlighter palette, if you’ve read any of my other articles you’ll know I love shimmer. I’m very much looking forward to this.

TooFaced – Better Than Sex Mascara: I do actually have this volumising mascara already, but I’m very happy to review it and have another sample of it. Cohortees could have recieved Living Proof Restore Mask, Nars Pure Sheer SPF Lip Treatment, or Living Proof Flex Shaping Hairspray as an alternative item. I am very happy that I got the mascara, it’s very me!

Kure Bazaar – Nail Polish: Does this item look familiar? The eagle eyed amongst you will recognise this nail polish from Cohorteds “My Little Treat” Limited Edition box which I recieved last month, except this shade is ever so slightly different. The polish, valued at £15, is a really great nail polish. For the original review, details of the new shade and a shade comparison please follow the link:

Bellapierre – Kiss Proof Lip Crème: Bellapierre is everywhere this month. I also recieved this lipgloss on June’s Roccabox – but in a different shade. I mentioned in the Roccabox unboxing article that I was looking forward to using this lipgloss, and I am even more so now.

My first impression of the box is good. Whilst I only have four items some of these items look like they equal the cost of the box on their own, so I’m actually very happy with what I’ve recieved. I am a little disappointed that the nail polish shade is so similar to the one I recieved in the Limited Edition box, but at least it is different. Throughout the month I’ll be trying each of the items and reviewing them, and at the end of the month I’ll come back to this article and update my final thoughts on the box, and whether it was good value for money.

Edit: 24.06.17 – After trying all of the items in my June Cohorted box I still agree with my first impression – it’s a good box but i wish they hadn’t duplicated the Kure Bazaar nail polish or included it in a completely different shade so I felt like I was getting something different. Overall I got £76.45 worth of items, which is a good return for the £35 I paid. Considering its roughly the same value box as I usually receive the items average a much higher retail price.

A highlight for me is the Too Faced mascara. If you tried it once and you’re not convinced – stick with it! It needs a couple of uses and then I find the formula thickens and can be used to create lovely volume.

The standout items for me was the Bellápierre Lip Créme, which I also chose as the stand out item from my Roccabox as I am so impressed. I love the formula, I love the bold colour, and how long it stays put for. I’m a huge fan of these liquid lipsticks.

The sneak peek for next month has been revealed and it’s a Bellápierre Contour and Highlight Pro Palette. I don’t have one of these so it will be fun to play with, but it is very similar to the sneak peek item from this month (size, brand, value.) I do hope the composition of the box is a little different from this months to keep it fresh.    Faye 💕

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