Glossybox June 2017 Unboxing

I’m sorry for not reviewing anything yesterday, I had the most lovely weekend with my daughter in London and I was shattered when I got home! I spent all day yesterday feeling really excited about absolutely everything, and I thought that was my excitement for the week until I arrived home today to June’s Glossybox. Cue kid at Christmas face. I think my Glossybox is great value for money. I pay £10 per month plus p&p for my Glossybox, and last month I recieved £38.67 worth of items. Furthermore, I liked everything that was in my box, and some of the items will last me a long time. No pressure June box!

The Glossybox box is pale pines in colour, and has the Glossybox logo and brand name printed in black text in the centre of the lid. The lid of the box lifts off to reveal the contents inside.

Underneath the lid of the box I can see my product information card, and this month I also have a sample of Louise Pentlands debut novel “Wilde Like Me” to read. My product information card is double sided and begins with a letter from Evie, the Editorial Director. She explains that this box is aimed at keeping our skin and hair looking effortlessly healthy. There is also a sneak peek for Julys box, where next month all Glossies will get a beautiful Spectrum Collections fan brush. The rest of the card discusses the items in my box – it talks me through how to use them and also where I can get them if I want to buy more.

My Glossybox is beautifully presented wrapped in tissue paper, which is fastened by a sticker and a little bow. I really love the feeling of opening the bow and carefully unwrapping the tissue paper, for me it heightens the excitement of opening the box and makes it seem really special.

This month there are a whopping 6 items in the box, and three are full size. There is a great mix of products too with two makeup items, two hair products and two skin products. This is not only a generous box at first glance, but it seems really well balanced to give a thorough pamper.

Batiste – Stylist Hydrating Oil: This is not dry shampoo – I’m so happy as I don’t use dry shampoo. I didn’t know Batiste did styling products aside from dry shampoo but it turns out they do, and this generously sized can looks like it will be perfect for my hair which can be dry due to lightening and heat damage.

Noughty – Intensive Care Leave-In Conditioner: I went through a phase where I tried loads of leave-in conditioners but they all left my hair looking lank and lifeless. I really hope this full size one can give me the hydration that my hair needs, but I thought weighing it down and making it look full of product.

Beauty Pro – Black Diamond: Have you seen those videos of people pulling really painful looking masks off their face? Me too, and like anyone else watching those videos my first thought was “I have to try that”. This was Glossyboxes third sneak peek, and I’m so excited to see how it performs.

111 Skin – Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel: This was the first sneak peek Glossybox teased us with, and it appeared on May’s Glossybox card. I had a few eye creams in March, and I still have lots left so I don’t really need anymore eye cream at the moment but I’m looking forward to seeing how it measures to my current brand.

Manna Kadar Cosmetics – Sheer Glow: This was Glossyboxes second sneak peek, and I did get a little bit excited about this. I’ve had a Manna Kadar face powder from March’s Birchbox, and I enjoyed it so I’m expecting good things from the brand. Also, I love anything shimmery so this is right up my street.

Sleek Makeup – Power Plump Lip Crayon: I had a lip crayon last month, but this little beauty is meant to make lips appear plumper. I have very tiny little lips, and I would love a larger pout and but im far too much of a scaredy cat to opt for anything like fillers. This could be a great solution for me.

My first impressions of this box are once again brilliant. Throughout the month I’ll be reviewing each item, and at the end of the month I’ll revisit this article to leave my final thoughts on the box, discuss whether I had value for money and talk about my favourite items.

Update: 03.07.17 – This is truly an outstanding box by Glossybox this month. For my £10 + p&p I had an incredibly generous £78.06 worth of items, and there really were some true gems included.

A highlight for me has been using the Beauty Pro Black Diamond face masks. They were fun and great value for money, I have already ordered a pack of three to start wearing them once a week!

The standout item for me is the Manna Kadar Sheer Glow Illuminator. I love the versatility of this illuminating lotion, and the vast number of different ways it can be used. I love how it really works, and can be used to create stunning finishes. I also love how it can be teamed with powder products to give an almost blinding highlight.

Glossybox – I salute you! I already know that next months box is going to contain a Spectrum Fan Brush as it is the first sneak peek, that box cannot come quickly enough! Faye 💕

9 thoughts on “Glossybox June 2017 Unboxing

    • fayesbox says:

      Yes. My first ever subscription was to Glossybox long before I started writing about beauty boxes, and I did some research before choosing it. Some months I find I love more than others, but they try to include a good mix of items in each box, and vary the items month on month which I like. Each month they ask for feedback on the items so if I do have something I don’t like I let them know. Faye xx


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