Urban Decay ‘Naked Skin Bronzing Beauty Balm’ Review

I am a little bit like a magpie in that I love shiny things, so when I spotted this shiny tube of Urban Decay in the Limited Edition Cohorted ‘My Little Treat Box’ it naturally caught my eye. It took me a bit of Internet searching to work out what it was, and how best to use it, but once I started to piece it together I got very excited. There is no description on the tube, and there was no booklet with this box, so I’ve taken a product description from lookincredible.co.uk where it is for sale, it says:

“A five-in-one, luminous bronzing beauty balm that instantly enriches skin tone, minimises flaws, and supports firmer skin in just eight weeks. Supports tighter skin elasticity. Minimises pores, lines, wrinkles, and redness. Provides SPF20 sun protection. This lightweight, oil-free hero bronzer hydrates and evens out skin tone, priming your complexion so that makeup goes on seamlessly and stays out. Formulated with Pephanto protect skin cells against daily stress, Vitasource and dGlyage to support skin firming, SPF 20 for sun defence, and light-diffusing spheres leave your complexion with a retouched appearance.”

This is a full size 35ml tube of balm. It’s seems to be sold out in many, many places online – but I did find it for sale at lookincredible.co.uk for £15.99. 

The bronzing balm comes in a bronze coloured plastic tube with a highly polished metallic lid. The front of the tube has the brand and product, and the back of the tube has the company contact details and place of manufacture (USA). It also shows warnings to keep out of eyes, only use externally and discontinue use, which are repeated in many languages.

Removing the lid of the balm I squeeze out a little on to my hand. I was expecting something that looked like instant tan based on the name and packaging, and I’m really relieved to see the formula looks much more subtle than that. The liquid has the consistency of a liquid foundation, and looks a lot like liquid foundation, I think it smells really good. 

I dot the product around my face before spreading and blending it into my skin. The formula is lightweight, and was really easy to work with. I’ve decided to wear this alone today, but it can also be worn under foundation. My skin didn’t look vastly different after applying the balm, but I did notice that my skin tone was more even and whilst I wouldn’t say I was bronzed I noticed a glow in my complexion. The balm also felt really comfortable to wear, and I loved the scent of it. 

Overall, I’ve enjoyed trying this balm and I’ll probably continue to use the sample to even out my skin when I’m not wearing makeup. I don’t think I’ll go on to buy it again after it runs out as I’m quite an all or nothing person – if I’m wearing makeup then I’m wearing all of my makeup, and if I’m giving my skin a break I really do stick to skincare only. 

4 thoughts on “Urban Decay ‘Naked Skin Bronzing Beauty Balm’ Review

    • fayesbox says:

      Hey Mena, it’s the lotion option – it’s shimmery and makes the skin glow but I think anyone hoping for instant tan would be disappointed as it’s quite a subtle result xx


    • fayesbox says:

      No, my hands were fine afterwards, but I wouldn’t really say it was a false tanner. It evened my complexion and made me glow whilst I was wearing it – it had a nice shimmer to it too but I didn’t experience any lasting effects (although plenty of websites I visited suggested I would.) xx

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