Roccabox June 2017 Unboxing

I wasn’t sure about my Roccabox last month, which was disappointing as I loved the first two boxes so much. I’ve been really looking forward to getting my hands on this one and regain some of that sparkle. Last month I recieved £37.90 worth of products, which was great value considering a subscription only costs me £10/month + £3.95 p&p, but I felt some of them weren’t quite right for me. Roccabox is different to other subscription boxes as each month they work with a different beauty blogger who uses their expertise in the industry to curate a box for them. This months box is curated by Jessica Harris of

Roccabox don’t offer any sneak peeks before boxes were sent out so the contents are a complete surprise, aside from social media. Roccaboxes own social media site didn’t post any spoilers this month – but if you do like to know what’s coming in advance there are plenty of people to follow who can show you what they got in their box (like me!)

The box is white in colour with a rose gold Roccabox logo imprinted on the lid. Inside the box I’m really happy to see I’ve got a product information card again this month. It begins with a paragraph discussing this months curator and her achievements, before going through each of the each of the items included. The card discusses why the item is so great, and how much it costs if you want to buy more. The back of the card announces a competition where you can win a special Roccabox – subscribers just need to tag @roccaboxuk in their photos and videos of the items being used.

Removing the lid of my Roccabox I can see I have 5 items, although I’m not sure one of them really counts. I have two skincare, two makeup items – and one consumable item which is tea. I’m a huge fan of tea, and I enjoy lots of different tea varieties but I don’t want to recieve it in a beauty box, regardless of what it claims to do. Especially not instead of a skincare, haircare or makeup item. Aside from the tea, the mix of products looks good – but I feel a little shortchanged.

Bellapierre – Kiss Proof Lip Créme: This is the second Bellapierre item I’ve had this mont, the first being the loose pigment from June’s Look Fantastic box. It looks like a generous size lipgloss, and I’m excited about the brand so I’m looking forward to trying this.

Olverum – Bath Oil: I don’t take very many baths as I prefer to shower, but when I do I like them to be indulgent and relaxing. I hope this bath oil transports me somewhere very special indeed.

Svelte – Super Tea: I won’t be reviewing this product. This tea claims to be gut-healing, anti-inflammatory, skin-improving and metabolism-boosting. As we’re talking tea I currently drink Glengettie if I want a breakfast tea, and the rest of the time Twinings Chamomile and Spearmint. If you wish to try the Svelte tea it’s available in packs of 12 bags for £3.49 from, meaning my sample is worth 29p, assuming a similar price per bag.

Bloomtown Botanicals – Roll-on Infused Oil: I’ve had a roll on oil from a previous Roccabox, and I still have it. This however is rose oil, and that seems a lot more useful. It says that it’s good for scent and dry skin, I can’t wait to see how nourishing it can be.

Vintage Cosmetic Company – Eyelash Curlers: I don’t have eyelash curlers. I’ve always relied on mascaras to do all the work on their own, so I, actually really happy to get these in my box and see what a difference they make.

I can’t say that I’m delighted with this box, but I think I’m a bit annoyed about getting a tea bag as an item. I’ll be trying the remaining four items throughout the month to see how they perform, and I’ll be writing a review for each. At the end of the month I’ll come back to this article to let you know whether I liked the box after trying everything, whether I got value for money and what my favourite item was.

Update: 22.06.17 – Despite being initially annoyed about recieving a tea bag in my box, I’m actually really happy with the rest of the items in my Roccabox this month. I may have only had 4 beauty products this month, but of those three were full sized. I received £31.44 worth of treats for my £10 outlay, which I think is great value.

A highlight of the box for me was The Vintage Company eyelash curlers. I’ve wanted an eyelash curlers forever and just haven the got around to getting one, so I was very glad to receive this.

The stand out item was definitely the Bellápierre Lip Créme. I know I recieved this I’m two boxes, but Incognito which I recieved in my Roccabox was my favourite shade but of the two. I was really impressed with the bold colour, and the longevity of the lipstick, and want to buy some more shades from the range too.

Overall this was a good box from Roccabox, but please – no more tea bags! Faye 💕

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