NuFace ‘Prep-N-Glow Textured Cleansing Cloth’ Review

I have mixed feelings about ready wet facial wipes. On the one hand they are quick, easy and great for travelling, but on the other hand they don’t tend to be as effective as using bottled products, and they are disposable which seems wasteful. Im yet to see a face wipe that claims to do as much as this NuFace wipe that I recieved in May’s Look Fantastic, so I’m very keen to see how it measures up to other wipes I’ve tried.

This is a one sheet sample of the face wipe, which is good for one use only. The wipes are available in packs of 5 cloths for £9, or it works out cheaper per cloth to buy a pack of 20 for £19, both are available from Assuming a similar pricing structure that works out as roughly 95p per cloth. 

The sachet is attached to a piece of cardboard which contains information about the branding and product name. The back of the cardboard discusses the benefits of the wipes, it says:

“Reasons we love. 1. Travel friendly! Individually packaged. 2. Dual-sided texture! Smooth cotton lace removes makeup and polishing micro-dots exfoliate to brighten skin. 3. Hyaluronic Acid hydrates for radiant-looking skin. 4. Enriched with antioxidants to help guard against environmental stressors.”

The cloth is packaged in a foil wrapper which is white, with a duck egg coloured border. The brand and product information is printed in black text in the front, and the back of the sachet is has lots of information of the back in a variety of languages. This includes the company contact information, the place of manufacture (USA) and ingredients (above). The package also says:

“This dual-sided cloth removes makeup and impurities while the micro-dots provide gentle exfoliation. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and minerals for beautifully refreshed and radiant-looking skin.”

Directions: Cleanse skin with smooth side then gently exfoliate with the micro-dots. No rinse required! May be used daily or for sensitive skin 2-3 times per week.

Tearing open the sachet I pull out a tightly folded face wipe, which is very moist. The wipe smells okay, it’s not a natural or floral smell but more of a non descriptive lotion smell. The smooth side of the cloth is very smooth and soft, and rubbing it over my skin it feels cool. The liquid feels like it’s coating my skin, and instead of feeling cleansed I feel like I want to wash my face. I still have a second step to try yet though! 

The other side of the cloth is covered in raised dots, and I gently rub it over my face to exfoliate. They are really rough. I quite like a scrubby scrub, but this was a little too rough for me and I decided very quickly I had rubbed enough. 

It was nice to try these little face cloths, but I think they are very expensive for what they are, and I’m not convinced by the results. If you like to use face wipes then Simple wipes are great, and a pack of 25 is available from lots of shops for less than £2. Simple also have an exfoliating wipe if you like the roughness of see micro-dots. I definitely prefer to wash my face the old fashioned way with a face wash and sink of water, and if I’m looking to travel light I’ll use the Glov cloth that I also recieved in this Look Fantastic box, you can read the review for it here:

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