Look Fantastic June 2017 ‘Wanderlust’ Unboxing

I had a surprise delivery this morning when June’s Look Fantastic box arrived at my door, and it’s called Wanderlust. Of course, I was expecting to have a Look Fantastic beauty box in June because I’m a subscriber, but last months box didn’t arrive until the 9th May so I thought it would be with me in another week. I’m so happy it’s sooner – I haven’t finished trying everything from last months box yet but I’m already delighted with my subscription. I pay £14.50 per month including delivery, and for that I commit to subscribe for three months.

I thought last months box was beautiful, but this months box is even more breathtaking. The bottom of the box is lilac in colour, and the lid depicts a beautiful starry sky in pink, peach and purple. The Look Fantastic branding, and brand name are printed on the box in shiny silver writing.

Inside the lid of the box is an inspirational quote, also written in silver writing. I missed it last month when I wrote the unboxing article, but I think it’s a really lovely touch which I hope to see in future boxes too.

Lifting the lid of the box I can see The Wanderlust booklet included, and a copy of June’s Elle magazine. I really enjoyed reading last months copy of Elle, and as I’m too reluctant to buy magazines receiving a complimentary copy is utterly perfect for me. The Wanderlust booklet is 20 pages in total, and begins with a letter from the Beauty Editor. She explains that this June is all about discovering the beautiful luxuries around us. This is followed by a table of contents, and on pages 6 & 7 the booklet goes through everything that’s included in the box, and a little description of each item. The remainder of the booklet contains articles, mostly written to highlight items for sale in the shop, including an article on aromatherapy and scent, a few amazing spa venues in Europe, in-flight beauty essentials, a selection of great holiday destinations and health whilst travelling. The tone couldn’t be clearer – this is about holiday, relaxation and discovery, all of which are reasons I love to travel.

Beneath the booklet and magazine I can see the items are wrapped in lilac tissue paper, and fastened with a #LFBEAUTYBOX sticker, where the text is also in lilac.

Carefully unsticking the sticker, and opening the tissue paper I see that I have 6 items this month, nestling in lilac shredded paper. I really adore how the boxes packaging is completely co ordinated to the colours of the months theme. I love the attention to detail. I’ve got a really good mix of items in my box too, two makeup items, three skincare items and a hair product.

Kérastase – Bodifying Shampoo: I love to try new shampoos, and regularly switch between brands I love, so a new shampoo to ty is always welcome. It says it’s good for hair that visibly lacks density, which I’m not sure describes my hair but I’m looking forward to giving it a go.

Bellápierre Cosmetics – Shimmer Highlighter: I love shimmery, shiny makeup products – I’d make an excellent magpie! A loose powder highlight is not something I’ve tried yet. Im a tiny bit concerned it might be a little messy, but I’m sure a good tap will discharge any loose particles from falling during application. A loose powder could deliver a more dazzling sparkle, I can’t wait to find out.

First Aid Beauty – Facial Radiance Pads: These clever pads are designed to exfoliate, tone and brighten skin – and are really handy if you are travelling due to their size and no-liquid formula. I’ll be keen to see if they can measure up to my current toner.

Hailey Baldwin for ModelCo. – Super Lips Lipgloss: I’ve had a few ModelCo. items in boxes recently and I’ve loved them all, so I’m hoping it bodes well for this lipgloss. I’m not completely sure about the colour, it’s certainly not a colour I would choose  in a shop but that’s the whole point of a beauty box for me, to try something new.

Balance Me – Balancing Face Moisturiser: I’ve tried quite a few Balance Me items in beauty boxes, and something they’ve all tended to have in common so far is an incredible fragrance. I really can’t wait to try this and see if it’s as good as the face wash I tried from Balance Me in February.

Monu Spa – Rosewood Reviving Mist: I heard of Monu for the first time last month when I tried a great face mask from the range, the link to which is: https://fayesbox.com/2017/05/11/monu-skin-moisture-rich-hydrating-mask-review/ I loved the face mask, I hope this means I’ll love the spray too. The spray seems really versatile, it says it can be used to refresh but also fix makeup too.

Again, I am really impressed and very happy with my first impressions of the Look Fantastic box. Throughout the month I’ll try and review each of the items, and then return to this article at the end of the month to discuss whether I had value for money, and what my favourite items were. Of course, I have a few items left to try for May and then I will do the same for May’s box too.

Update: 29.06.17 – I am utterly over the moon with this beauty box. My first impression was really good, but after trying all of the items I am seriously impressed. Based on the best prices I could find my box is worth a whopping £54.62, excluding the price of Elle magazine, which is amazing value for money.

A highlight of the box was the Monu Rosewood Reviving Mist. I’ve not tried anything like that before, and whilst I’m not sure if I’m going to buy it again I’m really enjoying using it. I find it relaxing, invigorating, refreshing – whatever I need it to be!

The standout item is the Bellápierre Shimmer Powder. I am still in awe at how pigmented and shimmery this loose powder is, I am seriously impressed. They are a little pricey, but they will also last for a while.

I saw the packaging for Julys box on social media the other day and it looks a little different to the last two boxes, but still utterly amazing. It should be coming in the next few days and I can hardly contain my excitement. Thank you for another great box Look Fantastic! Faye 💕

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