Lin & Lo ‘Matte Lipstick’ Review

I used to really shy away from bold colour lipsticks, often wearing only clear lipbalm during my teenage years to achieve the most natural look possible, until one day I did a complete u-turn and fell in love with crimson. I don’t know what it was exactly that changed my mind, but once I discovered I could wear red it became my favourite shade for work, play… and everything else!  My current favourite red is clarins red but I do use it a lot so I’m always looking for subtle alternatives to use – step up this Lin & Lo lipstick in May’s Cohorted box. The Cohorted booklet says:

“Finally – an ultra-soft matte finish lipstick that doesn’t dry out lips. The combination of vegetable waxes, emollient oils and antioxidants protect and soften the lips, it also contains allergen-free perfume.”

Cohorted have featured Lin & Lo as a brand discovery, not only giving information about the lipstick but delving a little deeper into the brand behind the makeup. Here is what they write about the brand:

“Two inspirational make-up artists Alina and Laura are behind the revolutionary creation of Lin&Lo beauty products. Both are second generation beauty experts and are from families involved in the beauty industry. It is this background that has enabled them to create the Lin&Lo make-up brand that combines the highest standards of purity and is enriched in mineral ingredients. Alina is Russian and currently lives in London while Laura divides her time between Paris and Rio de Janeiro. Between them, Alina and Laura have created an exciting new make-up line to reflect their own personal characteristics and cosmopolitan lifestyles, as well as high professional expectations. Both girls enjoy spending time travelling between international cities and understand perfectly the daily pressures of modern women and the vital need to look flawless whatever their active lifestyle. These products are simple to use, enjoyable to wear and beneficial to all skin types, even the most sensitive of skins. Alina’ mother has extensive knowledge of selling professional brands and beauty services and delivering this experience to customers. Laura’s mother on the other hand is a true expert on how to manufacture and market perfect beauty products. It was when the two got together that they were able to share hundreds of beauty ideas and how to produce and market Lin&Lo as exceptional beauty products.”

This is a full size 4.5g lipstick in the shade ‘Real Red’. The lipstick is also available in the shades: Begonia, Beige, Burgundi, Rubis, Deep Red, Orange, Coquelicot, Anemone, Brown Pink, Wood Pink, Sandy. The shades are available for £19.00 from

The lipstick is packaged in a glossy high shine metallic finish. The base of the lipstick is black and his the Lin&Lo branding printed in silver writing, and the lid is a smokey grey colour. Underneath the lipstick is a black sticker containing the shade, place of manufacture (France) and company contact information. The sticker is stick completely off centre – it’s a peeve of mine. I don’t mind so much if the makeup item is a bargain, but I do think expensive items should show more attention to detail. 

Unwinding the lipstick all the way out I’m really happy to see the lipstick is a glorious shade of red, and there is plenty of it. 

Directions (from Cohorted booklet): It is recommended to moisturise sensitive lips with the Lin&Lo “Nourishing Lip Balm” before applying the matte lipstick. Apply on the entire lips including the edges either with the stick or the “Perfect Lip Brush” (no.10) for a more precise definition.

The lipstick glides on smoothly, and drenches my lips in vibrant red colour. I apply two coats of lipstick, dabbing my lips on a tissue between coats to remove any excess. The formula went on rich and creamy, but dried fast into a dry, but smudge resistant finish that lasted me several hours, a meal and a cup of tea before needing a top up.

I’ve never been able to pout, but I wanted to show how striking and rich the colour is, even from a distance. I really like this lipstick – that’s 2/2 lipsticks I’ve had in a Cohorted box that have been brilliant, and both for different reasons. This one I like for the rich colour and staying power, and I would definitely use other lipsticks in the range in the future. 

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