Ovali Brush ‘Scuplt & Contour’ Review

Even if you’ve only watched a few makeup tutorials on Instagram, the chances are you’ll have seen a beautiful array of brushes being used. Brushes that are not only designed to help create a beautiful application of makeup, but brushes that themselves are utterly beautiful. With such a vast array of designs to choose between it can be impossible to know where to get started, which is why I was delighted to recieve this brush is the Limited Edition ‘My Little Treat’ box by Cohorted.

The brush is available in two sizes: small and medium, both of which sell for £14.00 from Cohorted.co.uk. 

The brush has a black handle with the Cohorted brand printed in rose gold writing. The neck and head of the brush is shiny rose gold, sporting two tone synthetic bristles. The bristles feel velvety soft to the touch, but stand firm and hold their shape well. 

The shape of the brush is perfect to draw a firm line using the chosen contour with ease and precision, although I’m still using the ModelCo. contour stick from April’s Glossybox which simply glides on itself.

I also tried to use the brush to smudge and blend the contour where needed. I did achieve a finish I was happy with, but truth be told I prefer to use my finger. I don’t want you to read this and think I was unhappy to recieved this brush, to the contrary I’m really happy to have it. It will look spectacular in my brush collection, it is useful, and I have ruled out buying further pretty rose gold brushes which narrows my wish list. Still, it is pretty though. 

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