Scrub Love ‘Hydrating Coconut Oil Body Scrub’ Review

I was lucky enough in May to receive two Scrub Love samples in beauty boxes this month. One was a charcoal based scrub that I recieved in May’s Glossybox, the review of which can be found here: The second sample arrived in May’s Look Fantastic box, and is a coconut based scrub. The Look Fantastic booklet says: 

“This natural exfoliant is formulated with 100% Organic and Roasted Coffee, as well as Coconut Oil to gently smooth your skin. Oh, and it smells divine.”

This is a 100g sample of the coconut scrub in “Conconut & Cranberry”. The coconut scrubs are also available in “Coconut Original” and “Coconut Mango” varieties. Full size the scrub sells in bags of 200g, and is readily available to buy online for £12.95 from Assuming my sample is costed in a similar way as the full size version, my sample is worth £6.48. 

I love the packaging of these foil sealed Scrub Love samples. This coconut version is very similar to the charcoal version but uses a different colour scheme, with white and green zig zag lines creating a striking backdrop. There is a cranberry coloured colourblock on top of the striking background, on which the brand and product are printed in white writing. The back of the scrub displays the company contact information, and place of manufacture (China). The back of the pack also says:

“100% natural lovin’. Hey babe, are you ready to get a little dirty? Coconut Flakes: two all natural exfoliator to slough away dead skin and stimulate cell turnover. Cranberry Oil: full of omega’s and antioxidants for ultimate free radical protection. Craberry Fruit Powder: high in vitamin c and salicylic acid for brighter skin. Coconut Oil and Vitamin E: the wonder oil. Blocks free radical damage and hydrates skin.”

Ingredients: cocos nucifera (coconut) fruit powder, vaccinum macrocarpon (cranberry) fruit seed, vaccinium macrocarpon (cranberry) seed oil, cocos nucifera (coconut) flour, vaccinium macrocarpon (cranberry) fruit powder, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, parfum, glycerin, tocopherol, lactic acid.

To open the packaging there are little tear marks at the side, or you can cut along the top for a neater opening. The packet has a resealable strip to keep the scrub fresh between uses. This scrub is a different colour to the charcoal scrub, it’s a brown colour whereas the charcoal scrub was grey. The scrub smells incredible. It oozes cranberry; it’s sweet, fruity and utterly delicious smelling. 

I scoop my hand into the bag and pull out a little pile of scrub. It’s loose and dry, and I can see seeds included in the mixture. The scrub smells even stronger out of the bag, I’m completely captivated by the smell of it. 

Using the flat of my hand I rub the scrub over my skin, as I did with the charcoal scrub. The scrub is more gentle than the charcoal version, it does exfoliate but even a firm rub is much softer than the coarse charcoal version. Once the scrub has been rubbed over, simply wash off. The scrub leaves a residue that I can’t see, but can feel on my skin, but a little shower gel soon removes it. 

Scrub Vs. Scrub

Packaging: The scrubs all have a similar design but I like the striking contrast the black and white packaging of the charcoal based scrub makes. 

Cost: The coconut based scrub is cheaper. 

Smell: The coconut based scrub is a million times better smelling than the charcoal based scrub during use. However, neither can be smelled after the use of shower gel. 

Scrubbiness: I like a coarse scrub, and the charcoal based scrub is far rougher than the coconut based version. 

Overall I really liked using this scrub. It smells amazing and is a pleasure to use, although there is a tiny part of me that wishes it would leave my skin as baby soft as the charcoal variety did. Either way, I’m very taken with this brand and think I need to try more combinations from the range to find my perfect balance of scent and scrubbyness. 

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