Vita Liberata ‘Luxury Tan Trystal Minerals’ Review

I love looking tanned in Summertime as much as the next person, but instant tan is something I’ve never really got on with. It’s not that I don’t love the idea, because I do. Instant tan has so many health benefits over catching rays, plus it can be applied and removed at will. I just find that all the instant tans I’ve tried in the past look a little…. fake. I’ve been looking forward to trying this Vita Liberata tan from May’s Cohorted box ever since it was announced as a sneak peek in April. The Cohorted booklet says:

” ‘I created Trystal Minerals Self Tanning Bronzing Minerals, Sunkissed to give you it all in one – mineral foundation coverage, stunning instant bronzing, lasting definition… all in a pure, oil-free formula. It’s incredible, and perfect for summer skin!’ Alyson Hogg, Founder Vita Liberata.”

This is a full size 9g compact of tanning minerals in the shade ‘sunkissed’, which comes with a beautiful applicator brush. The best price I found this set retailing online is £26.30 from There is another shade I the range, it’s available for £9.00 from in the slightly darker shade ‘bronze’.

Beginning with the beautiful brush. This is a beautiful brush. The short handle is coloured rose gold, and has the brand name printed on both the front and back of the handle. The brush came wrapped in protective cellophane, and even after removal bristles are longer and wider than the handle. I can’t wait to see how fluffy they become after they have relaxed back into their intended shape. They are dark in colour, and so soft. The brush feels like velvet, and I can’t resist brushing it across my cheek to feel how soft and lovely it is. 

The tanning minerals are contained in a clear plastic jar with a brown screw on lid. On the lid is the brand embossed in shiny gold writing. Underneath the pot is a sticker containing the company contact information and place of manufacture (UK). 

Ingredients: CI 77019 (MICA), CI 77891 (titanium dioxide), dihydroxyacetone. 

Unscrewing the lid of the pot I can see the loose powder has a plastic lid covering it. The lid is split in two parts, one side has little holes to allow the powder out, and the other seals the powder firmly inside. A plastic partition swivels to easily switch between sides when the powder is in use, or after its use. 

As clever as the design is, I found it really tough to shake out a decent amount of powder to use. I also dropped little bits everywhere when moving from pot to cheek as the divider didn’t leave a lot of tapping room – I think I would have preferred to be able to simply dip the brush in the loose powder and tap the excess. It really is nice to feel the brush glide over my cheek again as I swirl the powder up my cheekbones, and up to my temples. 

I’ve been really tentative in my application to avoid looking overly false and/or orange, so I have applied to just the right side of the photo. The colour could also be built upon to create more colour if required. I evened up the other side of my face and wore the look for the day. Whilst I was subtle in my application I was still very aware of my skin, and felt a little self conscious. 

As far as instant tanners go this is the nicest by far I have ever used. The brush alone does it for me, it’s such a lovely brush. As for how I feel about self tanners, I don’t think I’ve changed my viewpoint on how I feel about them, but, I am going to keep trying this tan every now and again to see if long term my mind might be changed. I’ll come back and update if it is. 

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