Doucce ‘Maxlash Volumizer Mascara’ Review

I’ve always been a fan of products that emphasise my eyes – whether it’s a sharp eyeliner or extreme mascara I’m a huge fan. Whilst I do have a box of false eyelashes for special occasions I actually find falsies a little heavy and prefer to use a few different  mascaras to create maximum effect without glue. As I’m always on the hunt for bigger, better mascaras I was delighted to receive this Doucce mascara in the Limited Edition ‘My Little Treat’ box by Cohorted.

This is a full size 13.5ml mascara which is available for $22 from Based on today’s exchange rate the mascara is worth £17.18.

The mascara comes in a black box with white writing. The front of the box contains the brand which wraps around the bottom corner onto the next side of the box, and the product name. Rotating the box anti-clockwise the box has a description of the mascara, it says:

“Define lashes one by one with the extra large multi-benefit maxlash brush. Fewer fibres that help create volume and length in just one sweep, giving off striking XXL lashes.”

Another clockwise rotation of the box displays the ingredients (above), and also displays the company contact details and place of manufacture (Germany). 

Inside the box is the mascara, which is black and has the brand and product name in silver writing. On the bottom of the mascara is a sticker repeating the company contact information and place of manufacture. My sticker isn’t stuck anywhere near centrally, which is disappointing as I quite like the packaging but the lack of attention to detail does put me off a little.

Unscrewing the lid of the mascara and pulling out the wand I’m delighted to see that the wand is long, and has a large brush on the end. The brush is clearly coated in formula, but it’s a decent amount. Sometimes mascara brushes are so loaded that it’s really difficult to apply without creating large clumps of eyelashes.

With such a well sized brush it’s easy to cover the majority of the lash in only a single swoop. The brush also fits nicely into the inside of the eye so that I can coat all of my lashes. 

I applied one coat of mascara to the eye on the left of the photo only, and wiggled the wand up the lash as I went. My lashes appear far more defined than my natural lashes on the right of the photo- they are longer, thicker and a better shape (although I have not used an eyelash curler). 

I love to try new products, but it’s very rare that I get a “wow” moment where I’m truly in awe of the product I’m using. I last had the wow moment when I bought and tried for the first time the Anastasia Glow Kit, and I’ve had the moment again. For day wear one brush creates defined lashes (as you see above), however multiple coats can build length and volume which is something most mascaras are not capable of. I really, really love this mascara and I’m so very glad it came in the ‘My Little Treat’ box. 

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