Glov ‘Hydro Demaquillage’ Review

I have wanted to try one of these things for ages – it’s a cloth that claims to remove make up with only water alone. If this works it could make my life so much easier. My current make up removal routine is to use a face wipe to get the worst of the makeup off, then to wash my face and finally I have a cleansing spray that I use to deep clean. I would love a quicker makeup removal experience, but also I want to stop using face wipes as something reusable is much kinder to the planet. I recieved this Glov cloth in May’s Look Fantastic box, my booklet says:

“The Glov ‘Hydro Demaquillage’ is made from hypoallergenic fibres to gently remove makeup and impurities, and leave your skin healthy and glowing.”

This is a full size item in the “Quick Treat” size from the Glov range which sells for €4.90 from Based on today’s exchange rate that make the treat worth £4.27.

The cloth is packaged in a lovely white and sky blue coloured plastic packet, which has a tear strip at the top and is resealable if you wish to store your Glov in the packet between uses. The front of the packet has the product and brand name, and exp,aims that makeup can be removed with only water. The back of the packet has the company contact information and place of manufacture (Poland). It also says:

“No cleansers! Glov removes all makeup only with water. For all skin types. Hypoallergenic. Reuseable up to three months. Fine fibres – gentle hand wash recommended.”

Inside the packet is a little folded up leaflet in the blue and white colour scheme. The leaflet provides instructions for use and some benefits, these include:

“Removes all traces of makeup, reusable for up to three months, hypoallergenic makeup remover, gently exfoliates skin, for all skin types, even the most sensitive and demanding, washes away face masks, ideal makeup remover both at home and when travelling, stimulates skin microcirculation, protects the hydro-lipid barrier of the skin.”

Also included in the packet is the cloth which is cream, super fluffy and folded around so it will fit comfortably over one or two fingers for use. The cloth also has the Glov branding attached to a blue label on one side. 

Directions: Moisten your Glov with water. Fix your makeup. Hand wash your Glov with a bar of soap. Remember to dry your Glov. 

I have prepared for this by putting a lot of makeup on, I’m not giving this cloth an easy time so I’ve gone all out to see what it can do. 

The cloth is only teenie tiny and I’m a little worried about giving it too much to do, so I run it under the tap to wet it and start to rub it over the makeup on my eye. Between the mascara, eyeliners, eyebrow pencil and pigmented eyeshadows there is a lot to get off. The cloth is very gentle, it feel like I’m using a flannel on my skin. I check my skin after filling one side of the cloth with makeup, which is about the time I’d removed approximately half of the makeup from my face. Feeling relieved that I wasn’t just smearing my makeup over my face I turned the cloth over and repeated on the other side of my face with the clean side of the cloth. 

When I had wiped my entire face once I washed out the cloth with soap, thoroughly rinsed the soap and wiped over my face for a second time. I was amazed how much came off second time round, I’m still using only water. 

It seemed too easy, and I was worried that I had only superficially removed makeup leaving my poor pores full of muck. I sprayed my face generously with Indemne “Eau de Génie”, which is the face cleanser I use after removing makeup usually. I am amazed – I usually get some makeup showing up on the cotton wool pad, and I did again but it was far less than I usually get after washing my face and using a face wipe. 

This fluffy little finger puppet might be small but oh boy it’s mighty. I love that it lasts for ages, to save me throwing wipes away, I love that it’s easy to clean, I love that it’s easy to use and I love that it works. There are other cloths in the range so if the size puts you off this one you could try a larger version, if they are as good as this they are worth it. For me, this is great as it’s travel friendly too. I’m definitely going to keep buying thee when it’s time to change it. 

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