Wilkinson Sword ‘Intuition Ultra Moisture’ Review

I haven’t always been a waxer, in fact over the years I’ve tried pretty much every hair removal technique that exists – with the exception of permanent electrolysis. My main hair removal method before waxing was shaving – it’s relatively simple, the results tend to be good (so long as the blade/razor is good), and razors are readily available. The drawbacks are nicks/cuts, shaving rash and quick regrowth. The regrowth was the reason I switched to waxing, I couldn’t bear going to bed with silky smooth legs and waking up already sporting a little stubble. Maybe my hair just grows really quickly. I do have an emergency box of razors that I keep in case I run out of wax, or to take on holiday with me so this razor from May’s Roccabox can join that box after I quickly test it out. 

This is a full size product which contains one razor, one cap and one blade. The cheapest place I could find the razor online was £3.25 from wilko.com. 

The razor is packaged in a box which has a black background on the front and back of the box, and pink around the sides. The front of the box has a picture of the razor, and contains the brand and product name. There is plenty of information on this box – it advertises that the blades have 4 razor blades, and boasts that it contains shea butter, and there is no need for shave gel. It also advertises the contents of the box – one blade, one razor and one travel cap. The back of the box has a window to cut out to see the razor inside, and the packaging is adorned with little bubbles to indicate moisture. The bottom of the box has the company contact information, and places of manufacture, the soap cartridge is made in China, the rest in the EU. 

Ingredients: sodium palmitate, sodium cocoate, sodium isosterate, Aqua, potassium palmitate, glycerin, sodium isostearoyl, lactylate, potassium cocoate, potassium isosterate, kaolin, sucrose cocoate, parfum, titanium dioxide, sodium chloride, peg-50, shea butter, pentasodium pentetate, tetrasodium etidronate, isotearic acid, panthenol, butylphenol methylpropional, linalool, hexyl cinnamal, citronellol, benzoyl salicylate, limonene, pvp, peg-115m, peg-7m, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, tocopheryl acetate, maltodextrin. 

I pull out the different components from inside the box, and first take a look at the main body of the razor. It is white and pink in colour, and the pink coloured areas are made out of rubber so are soft, and provide grip which I imagine is especially useful with wet. The cap is clear, and has holes in the end to let out any excess water. 

Looking next at the blade itself I can see the four little blades lined up, and the razor head is surrounded by a white, soapy material. The razor smells lovely, it smells like flowers – very sweet and floral. 

To attach the two parts simply remove the travel cap and the packaging from around the razor head, and clip the head on to the end of the razor. 

Directions: Attach cartridge. Add water. Shave!

Following the instructions I wet the razor to get the soapy stuff wet, and the try the razor on my arm (I don’t wax my arms so I have hair here to test it!) The razor does glide over my skin, and the smell of the thick, soapy residue is filling my nostrils, and I still love it. The razor is a good size for doing large areas and I think it would be great to quickly cover areas like legs, but the head is quite bulky and I think it would struggle anywhere it needs precision, or on small areas. I am really pleased to say I didn’t cut myself either, but I was extra careful! 

The razor left a nice finish and a close shave – I was impressed. My skin also felt smooth afterwards even though I didn’t use any shaving foam, just water. I still won’t be using razors day to day, they are just not for me but I’m going to dry this one thoroughly, and put it away in my little box until it’s needed. After it’s gone I won’t replace it with another one – I prefer to keep a packet of Wilkinson Sword Quattro in Raspberry Rain which are £2.64 in Boots (sold out online, but available in store.) The heads and handles are smaller which for me makes them easier to use anywhere I need them, and the packet includes three razors instead of one cartridge only. This is the last item to review in May’s Roccabox, so I’ll now go back to the Unboxing article to reflect on this months box, whether I had value for money and what my favourite items were. 

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