Urban Decay ’24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil’ Review

This is the first lip pencil I’ve recieved in a beauty box, and I’m actually quite looking forward to it. I tend to buy relatively inexpensive lip pencils in just a few shades and make them work with whatever lipstick I’m wearing, so I’m looking forward to seeing whether a big brand like Urban Decay can give me a noticeable difference. I recieved this lip pencil in May’s Cohorted box, and the Cohorted booklet says:

“Get primed and ready for action. The long-lasting liner glides on smoothly to prime AND define – for long-lasting lip colour and clean lines. Smooch. Pout. Smack. Nibble. Lick. 24/7 stays put through everything (yes, EVERYTHING) you do. When you use our liner to fill in your lips completely, it primes them for lipstick or gloss, grabbing on to colour to help it last. Moisturising vitamin E, jojoba oil and cottonseed oil nourish your lips every time you reapply.”

This is a 0.8g sample of the lip liner in the shade “Naked”. Full size, the pencils sell in 1.2g pencils in 50 shades. The best price I found for the full size pencil was £13.05 from Johnlewis.com. To cost my pencil, 0.2g costs £2.18, meaning my sample would be worth £8.72. 

The pencil is coloured in the same colour as the shade it contains, and has a silver coloured lid and pencil end. The brand, product and shade are printed in silver coloured writing, along with the place of manufacture (Germany) and company contact information. The pencil itself has dark coloured wood which looks quite striking against the silver and coloured decoration.

Switching the pencil I was really pleased with how easy it was to create a line. The formula is rich and creamy, and the liner delivered good colour. 

I found the liner equally easy to apply to my lips. The shade is a little darker than my natural lip colour, which is perfect as I have red, pale pink but not a darker, rich shade like this. 

To show the colour I decided to colour in all of my lips. I actually really like the colour, and think it would wear beautifully with a little clear gloss on top. With my lips fully coloured in the liner feels a little dry after the initial application, but it has some staying power so I completely understand. It did not feel dry when I just lined the outside. 

I’ve enjoyed using this liner, and I’m really glad there’s plenty left to keep using it. I’m really happy with the bold colour and staying power this liner has, I’m definitely going to keep using it and maybe I’ll change my habits and spend a little more on liners in future. 

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