Girl Meets Brush ‘Eyeshadow Blending Brush’ Review

I don’t think there is such a thing as “too many brushes”. I love to have a choice when I’m doing my makeup, and I love the subtle differences that each brush brings to a look that I’m creating. For that reason, I was thrilled to receive this eyeshadow blending brush in May’s Glossybox. My Glossybox card says:

“With domed soft bristles, this brush is perfect for softening and blending eyeshadow as well as defining the sockets of the eyes. Make like a pro and use small circular motions to apply your eye colour, building the intensity for a seamless finish.”

This is a full size product which is available to buy for £7.95 from If you like the brush it does also come as part of a 6 piece set for £44.99 from, and the set also includes an eyeshadow shader, a pencil brush, a highlighter blending brush, an angled eyeliner brush and an eyeliner brush.

The brush reminds me a little of a primary school paint brush, but I really like that about it. The handle is a lovely shade of soft grey, and has the girl Meets Brush logo printed on it. The bristles and end of the brush are soft and black. I decided to give the brush a few jobs to see how it coped with each:

Applying Base Colour: The brush worked really well for applying a base colour to the eye. The bristles picked up plenty of colour, and were large enough to deposit them quickly on my eye.

Applying Transition Shade: This brush did work for applying a transition shade, but I have a larger, fluffier brush that I prefer to use for this job. 

Blending Out Dark Shade: I have a few smaller blending brushes I usually use to blend dark eyeshadow or liner, but I thought this brush did well.

Precision Detail: This brush is too large for precision work like liner.

Overall I’m really glad to have recieved this brush in my Glossybox, and I’m very excited to add new twists to my eyeshadow looks simply by swapping for a larger brush. 

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