Real Chemistry ‘Luminous 3-Minute Peel’ Review

I’m ridiculously excited to try this Real Chemistry sample that I recieved in May’s Look Fantastic. I’ve tried plenty of face masks, lotions, creams and potions but this will be the first time I’ve tried a peel. My Look Fantastic booklet says:

“The Real Chemistry Peel gets your skin glowing thanks to its unique blend of proteins that remove dead skin cells and leave you with a renewed complexion.”

This is a 7ml sample of the peel which I think will last me 2-3 uses. Full size, this sells in packets of 160ml, and it’s available for £34 from Assuming a similar pricing structure, the peel is 21p per ml, or £1.49 for the sample.

The peel is packaged in a brown/bronze coloured plastic tube, and the Real Chemistry brand is printed on the front in white, and the product is displayed in orange. There is a picture of a flower with some hexagon shapes which looks very sciency. I don’t much like the packaging, but I will admit it’s a clever use of a picture – if it looks like there’s good science I’m more likely to buy into it. The back of the tube has the company contact details and place of manufacture (China). It also notes it is not tested on animals, and lists the ingredients (above).

Directions: This is not a mask. Cleanse skin and leave slightly damp. Spread gel thinly and quickly over your forehead, cheeks, chin, neck and décolleté. Quickly begin massaging these areas in circular motion with slightly damp hands. After 15-20 seconds, solids should form under the fingertips. This means the peel is activating correctly and the gel is now combining with your dead skin (proteins). Massage for 2-3 minutes or until all the gel has combined with dead skin. Cleanse area again. To save time, try using the peel in the shower!

Unscrewing the lid I can see the peel is a colourless gel, with little smell. Following the directions I cleanse my skin and leave it damp, and start applying the gel to my face and spreading it around, avoiding my eyes. Very quickly the gel started to form white particles on my skin – which both intrigued and disgusted me! I was a little worried the peel would be strong and sting but it didn’t, it was very gentle. Although it didn’t say to do this in the instructions, I decided to splash my face with water before cleansing again to remove some of the white bits.

I was a little apprehensive before using this scrub that it would be too harsh, but it’s gentle and gives visible results as it works on the skin. After use, my skin felt really clean and was so deeeply cleaned I could squeak it! I’m going to use this every week u til the sample is finished, but I haven’t decided yet whether it’s something I’d want to keep up long term. I’ve really enjoyed having the opportunity to try it though.

Update – 27.05.17: DO NOT USE THIS PEEL! I had a really scary experience when using it this morning, the peel started to activate as it had previously and formed white solids, but today they were attached to my face and wouldn’t come off. I thought perhaps I hadn’t used enough product, and reapplied the peel, but the bumps were still on my face. I tried to exfoliate them gently with a soft face brush, and by this time they were starting to become tender. My face felt bumpy, and when I looked in the mirror I could see the white lumps on it – it was very visible.

Desperate for a solution I started to pick at the white solids with my nails, and using them as a tweezers I was able to pull off all but the smallest lumps. And it hurt. It really hurt. I still have one or two little white lumps on my face which I’m hoping will disappear overboard the next few days – they are barely visible so I don’t feel to bad about them. My skin in that area I see okay, but it is tender so I’m going to leave it alone today. Whilst I appear to have come away unscathed I found that really scary, I no longer recommend this product, say away from it. Faye 💕

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