Loewe ‘Aura Moisturising Body Lotion’ Review

Yesterday’s review was all about the moisturiser, and as I recieved three in this months beauty boxes I thought I would give another moisturiser a whirl today. This one of the Loewe Body Lotion which I recieved in May’s Cohorted. My Cohorted card says:

“A gentle, fragranced moisturising body lotion. With a lightweight creamy texture that dissolves easily into the skin. Contains conditioning ingredients to revitalise skin. Envelopes skin in a satiny, protective veil of moisture. Leaves skin soft, smooth and comfortable with a lingering scent.”

This is a 75ml tube of moisturiser which is out of stock in most retailers, but I did find it for sale for £5.00 from directcosmetics.com. The box is marked “Not for Sale” which could explain why I’m struggling to find it in stock for sale. 

The body lotion is packaged in a baby pink box. The front of the box has the brand and product name printed in a mixture of black and shiny gold text. The back of the box contains a paragraph written in black italics in two languages, it says:

“Nobody knows what it is or what shape it has. It is a glance, a gesture, a smile. Pure magnetism. Either you have it or you don’t.”

Rotating the box clockwise is a list of ingredients (above), the opposite side of the box is blank. The top of the box has the gold symbol, and the bottom has the company contact information and place of manufacture (Spain). 

Inside the box is the rube of body lotion. The tube is in the same light pink colour, and again the brand and product information are printed on the front in black and gold text. The tube is made from a rigid matte plastic – its packaged like a luxury item, and it appeals to my taste.

The back of the tube also contains the ingredients, company contact information and place of manufacture. 

Unscrewing the lid I squeeze out some of the white lotion inside. The consistency is thinner than I was expecting, hence why I made a bit of a mess in the photo! The lotion smells incredible – it smells like a classic perfume and the sort of fragrance I would choose for an evening out. I didn’t know anything about the brand before I tested this lotion, but my Internet search earlier threw up plenty of perfume results which would explain the smell, and difficulty in finding the lotion for sale alone. 

I tried the body lotion on my arms, and I was really pleased that it absorbed quickly into my skin without leaving a greasy residue. The moisturiser left my skin hydrated and softly fragranced for hours, although this moisturiser isn’t as rich as some others that I have tried and I wouldn’t use it anywhere I had dry skin, like my legs for example. 

Overall I like this moisturiser – the packaging, and the fragrance all appeal to my personal taste but this isn’t rich enough for me to use all over my body. I will finish this sample on my arms, as they don’t really get so dry so I tend to moisturise them just to keep the skin supple and lightly fragranced. This Loewe body lotion hasn’t tempted me to switch from my current moisturiser. 

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