Ruby ‘Blush’ Review

I’ve heard of the brand Ruby before, and it was also through Glossybox. Last year they sent me an eyeshadow brush in one of their boxes, and it is my favourite brush for blending a transition shade into eye looks. Naturally, when I saw that Ruby would be appearing in May’s Glossybox when it was announced in the second sneak peek I was a little excited. My Glossybox card says:

“Along with mascara, blusher has to be the single most transformative product. Ruby’s super silky powder blush gives the perfect pop of coral colour to your cheeks for a summer glow! Sweep across the apples of your cheeks using a small powder blusher.”

This is a full size 2.5g powder blush. It’s a little difficult to find the blush for sale in the U.K. outside of eBay/Amazon, but I did find it selling for €14.99 on – but check the postage if you like it. Based on today’s exchange rate the blush is worth £12.90.

The packaging for this blush is very simple. The blush is packaged in a white plastic compact, with a clear lid. On the lid is the Ruby branding in black text. Underneath the compact is the place of manufacture (China).

Ingredients: talc, mica, dimethicone, polysynlane, magnesium stearate, silica, 2-phenoxyethanol, vitamin e acetate.

Lifting the lid of the blush I can see that the powder is a lovely shade of coral. 

The powder isn’t very pigmented. I did manage to build up a nice colour coral through switching, but it took a lot of repeat applications to build up a swatch I was happy with. The powder feels quite dry to apply, which might sound like an unusual thing to say because it is a powder blush, but sometimes powders glide on to skin in such a way they are almost creamy. This is not, it’s dry and almost scratchy to apply. 

I found my experience to be the same when applying the blush to my face. I built up a colour I was really happy with, but it took more effort than I would have liked to achieve the result. 

I love the colour of this little blush – it’s the perfect shade for Summer and I will definitely continue to use this compact, but I will not buy another one. I personally think the item is way too expensive for the quality of the makeup, and there are plenty of other options within a similar price range.

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