Mellow ‘Baked Eyeshadow’ Review

It’s meant to be May, but it’s feeling a little more November weather wise at the moment – I’ve even put my Winter coat back on. Spring and Summer are my favourite seasons, and I’m feeling a little cheated of sunshine at the moment so I’m going to cheer myself up and try out the Mellow eyeshadow. This eyeshadow was included in May’s Look Fantastic box, my Look Fantastic card says:

“Whichever colour you receive, your eyes will thank you for. The softly pigmented eyeshadowgives a gorgeous shimmer for a bright and luminous finish.”

This is a 3g compact of eyeshadow, and subscribers could have been sent either “Cream” or “Peach”. I have the Peache shade. The booklet doesn’t say whether it’s a full size item or a sample, and after a lot of searching online I’m struggling to find confirmation of the size on any websites that sell the eyeshadow – including All I do know for certain is that this is a good size eyeshadow, but my guess is that this is full size. The eyeshadow retails for £6, and is available on with free delivery. The eyeshadow is also available to buy in other shades: coco, gold, jade, lilac, matallica, olive, pitch and plum. 

The eyeshadow comes packaged in a black box with gold shiny writing. The front of the box has the brand and product name, and a see through circle cut out of the box to see the colour of the eyeshadow. The back of the box explains the product is free from parabens, and not tested on animals. It also describes the ingredients (above), and place of manufacture (China). There is also a little write up about the company, it says:

“Mellow has a full range of high quality products at incredible prices. Designed and developed in New Zealand.”

The compact is circular, and the eyeshadow sits in a black plastic base with a clear lid. The Mellow branding is printed on the lid in black text. On the back of the eyeshadow is a small sticker, mine has been stuck terribly off centre which is a shame as it makes the product look a little carelessly packaged. The sticker names the product and shade, and repeats the place of manufacture and company contact information.

Lifting the lid of the eyeshadow I can see the beautiful soft peachy colour, and I’m delighted to see the eyeshadow is shimmery too. I love a bit of shimmer. The eyeshadow is more generous than I first thought, it’s like it has been piled up on the compact. Most shadows finish level to the pan and just fill it, whereas this is in a lovely dome shape. 

A quick swatch of the eyeshadow shows just how shimmery this lovely eyeshadow is. The colour is very light, and has come out almost more cream than peach but I really like it. It didn’t take a lot of eyeshadow to create this swatch, a little eyeshadow gave me a striking swatch. I also found the formula glided on my skin, and was almost creamy in its application.

I have purposely not finished my eyes in the above picture as there is a very subtle difference between the two eyes based on how I used the Mellow Eyeshadow.

Left Eye: 

The left eye in the photo I used the Pop Eyeshadow Trio in February’s Birchbox to create a really simple look, and I used the Mellow Baked Eyeshadow to highlight my brow bone, and the inner corner of my eye. 

Right Eye: 

The right eye in the photo I used the Mellow Baked Eyeshadow along my lid, and added the medium and dark shades from the Pop Eyeshadow Trio. I don’t really like blending shimmery colours, especially into mattes, but alternatively it could be applied to the lid on top of a blended matte look. 

I like this eyeshadow, and every time I see it I think of something new I was to use it for. The price might seem a lot for one eyeshadow colour, but between the generous size, versatility and quality of this eyeshadow I think it’s worth the money – although I still don’t see peach when I apply it. I prefer using this shade as brow highlight/inner eye as I did on my left eye, but I would love to try some more shades from this range. I’ve got my eye on metallica to try next, which is a mid grey/silver shade. 

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