Cohorted May 2017 Unboxing

It’s the 15th of the month which can only mean one thing, it’s delivery day for Cohorted. Cohorted is a luxury beauty box subscription costing £35 per month, but this includes free postage. Last month I had a total of £84.47 worth of products included, based on the best prices I could find for the items at the time, so I definitely got value for money. I adored ,y first box with Cohorted and I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s included in this box!

Cohorted have their own external boxes for delivery, which I love as I’m instantly excited the moment I see the box when I get home.

I’ve got a little surprise inside my box, and it’s a free sample chapter from “Lost for Words” by Stephanie Butland. The included chapter is the opening of the book, and is 29 pages long.

Underneath the chapter sample, and a sheet of pristine black tissue paper is the beautiful Cohorted box. The box is a black square design, with the white Cohorted logo on the front. The box closes with a flap at the front and is tied together in a pretty black bow, it’s very pretty and elegant.

Lifting the lid of the beauty box I can see my Cohorted booklet included. The first page has a letter from the Cohorted team, which quickly gives and overview of the box contents, and explains the inspiration being getting skin prepped for Summer. Page two is a table of contents, and it lists the value of the box as £92.00 – I’ll be checking to see how much I can buy the items for. The rest of the booklet is dedicated to walking users through the products in their box, and it provides the costs and best ways to use the items too.

Underneath the card I can see that I have 5 items, and they are nestled carefully in black shredded paper. If you count it actually looks like I have 6 items, but as I later found out two of the items actually belong together. Only one of the items in my Cohorted booklet is labelled travel size, which suggests to me I have 4 full size items, again I’ll check throughout the month. I have three makeup items, and two skincare items which is a nice ratio as my other boxes have been skincare heavy this month so it’s nice to have some makeup to play with too.

Urban Decay – Glide On Lip Pencil: This is the travel size item that’s included in my box, but it’s still a great size. I love Urban Decay items, and it’s a great colour lip pencil too which I am looking forward to trying. Cohortees could have received a Nars Manoi Body Glow or Clarins Lip Liner Pencil as alternative items.

Lin & Lo – Matte Red Lipstick: I love red lipstick, it’s my go to colour that I wear for any occasion. Lin & Lo are Cohorteds brand discovery this month, which is great as I’ve never heard of them. I hope this lipstick gives me vibrant colour, and stays put all day.

Vita Liberata – Luxury Tan Trystal Minerals Bronzer: This items was last months sneak peek, and it’s also two items in one. Not only is a compact of tan included, but so is a beautiful brush to use with it. Bronzer isn’t something I use a lot as I fear looking a little orange. I hope this is easy enough to use that I can find the balance.

Betty Hula – Body Moisturiser: Betty Hula is also a brand discovery this month, and what a cute little tub of moisturiser is included. Cohortees could have received one of two scents: champagne and spice, or, rum and blackcurrant. I recieved the latter, and I hope it smells as good as it looks.

Aura – Moisturizing Body Lotion: Its unusual to find two of the same type of product in a beauty box, and being a moisturiser (which I have loads of already) is not super exciting for me, especially as this isn’t the only beauty box this month to give me moisturiser. But, I’m definitely going to try both with an open mind as I’m sure there is a reason that both were included.

My first impression of my Cohorted box are good. Despite having a duplicate item type I’m really looking forward to trying everything that’s included, and I feel happy with what I’ve seen inside my box. Throughout the month I’ll be trying all the items that are included, no reviewing each one in detail. At the end of the month I’ll return to this article to write up whether I had value for money, what my favourite items were and what my final thoughts of the box are.

Edit: 04.06.17 – I’ve really enjoyed trying this Cohorted box again this month, which contained £72.01 worth of items (based on the best prices I could find at the time I shopped). Considering I paid only £35 for the box I’m really happy to have doubled my money.

A highlight for me has been the Betty Hula body moisturiser. It really has taken me somewhere I would prefer to be on such a miserable day, and I’m so glad to have it to try.

The standout item for me is the Lin & Lo lipstick. I wore the lipstick to work, and on a night out on Friday and I didn’t reapply it once. It had worn off by about ten pm, but it really has some staying power. I can’t wait to try more shades.

Once again Cohorted thank-you for such a lovely box. The next box will be due at around the 15th of the month, and the sneak peek has already been released as a Bellapierre ‘Glowing Palette’ – it looks stunning. I can’t wait! Faye 💕

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