Glo & Ray ‘Longwear Precision Liquid Eyeliner’ Review

I have a lot of eyeliners, most of which I’ve recieved in beauty boxes over the last year or so. I’ve come to realise eyeliners are popular filler items, but I’m not too hasty to write them off despite having an abundance of them as I adore eyeliners, and they aren’t all created equally. I love the definition that liquid eyeliner gives, and my favourite application method is a brush. I already have a felt applicator liquid liner, and I do use it for precision finishes, especially in the inner eye area, but I prefer my brush for long swooping lines. This Glo & Ray liquid liner was recieved in May’s Roccabox. 

This is a 0.5g liner, which looks like a full size version (except it’s proving difficult to verify as the websites that stock the eyeliner don’t list the size.) It is available to buy in plenty of places for £6.90, including where is is available in two shades: brown and back. I have the black shade in my Roccabox.

The eyeliner is packaged in a box, the front of which is a high shine silver colour with white writing displaying the brand and product name. The other sides of the box are matte black with white writing. Rotating the box clockwise, the next face displays the company contact information. 

The back of the box displays the place of manufacture (China) and lists the ingredients (above). The final side of the box is blank. The ends of the box are also high shine silver, the right end has a little sticker displaying the shade name.

Inside the box is the eyeliner, which looks really sleek and elegant. The liner is black, and the brand and product names are written in white writing. The back of the liner repeats the company contact information and place of manufacture.

Removing the lid of the eyeliner I can see that this is a felt liner. The nib looks good and pointy to help create a precision line, and the lid feels resistant to putting back on. It feels like they have taken care to ensure a snug fit of the lid to prevent the liner from drying out between uses. 

I tested the eyeliner by quickly doodling on the back of my hand. I’m really happy with the line the pen delivers, it’s sharp, clean and the ink is dark and very pigmented. I let the doodle dry, and try to smudge the liner – it doesn’t budge. I decide to wear the liner on the back of my hand for the afternoon and it really is longwearing. It doesn’t say on the packaging that its waterproof, but it survived a few washes of my hands and was eventually easily removed with make up remover.

I wouldn’t usually do my eyeliner like this, but I wanted to show how precise the pen can be on the inner corner of the eye. A brush can be too soft to accurately create an intricate point inside the eye, or it can tickle too much which makes me blink and then the whole look is ruined! I still prefer a brush for sweeping the liner out at the wing, with time I could have perfected the outside of the liner in this photo but with a brush I find it quick and easy. 

I still prefer a brush and liner for the outside of my eye, and a pen for the inside but when I reach for a pen I would be happy to reach for this one. The price is really good, and the result lasts for ages so I’m going to keep using this. As a felt liner I really like it overall. 

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