Glossybox May 2017 Unboxing

It’s Glossybox time! It’s so lovely to return from a busy day in work to this months Glossybox – and this month is extra special for me as this box was free. Glossybox offer an incentive to complete a short survey after trying each item, for each survey completed Glossybox give subscribers 20 Glossydots. Subscribers can also earn Glossydots by referring friends. Every 1,000 Glossydots can be redeemed against the cost of a box and last month I reached 1,000 Glossydots meaning that my box was free. Last month I had £32.62 worth of products on my box, and I finished the box feeling happy with it, so I’m looking forward to opening this one too.

Glossybox mostly use a classic pink box each month, but every now and again they include a subtle difference. There is no difference this month and we have our familiar pink box, which is fine by me as I think it looks beautiful. The Glossybox box is a rectangular, pale pink box with a lid that lifts off. The Glossybox logo and brand are printed in the centre of the lid in black text.

Lifting the lid of my Glossybox I can see my product information card, and this month I have a voucher code for Mockberg. If you like any of the watches, you can receive £50 off using code: GLOSSYBOXMUK18 at My product information card is double-sided, and begins with a note from Evie, who is the Editorial Director. Evie explains the thought behind this months box, which is introducing us Glossies to some essentials. I also have a sneak peek for next month – in June all Glossies will get a luxury eye lifting gel. The rest of my card is devoted to telling me about what’s included in my box. Each item has a little description, it tells me how to use it, and how much it costs to buy,

Removing the card and voucher, I can see my Glossybox has been beautifully finished as usual. The contents in the Glossybox are wrapped in pink tissue paper which is secured with a sticker, and then the bundle is wrapped in a lovely black bow.

Untying the ribbon, and lifting the tissue paper I can see that I have 5 items sitting on the soft, black tissue paper this month. Looking at the items I can see that I have three full size items, which seems really generous. I seem to have a decent mix of items too with 3 skincare items, and 2 makeup products.

Ruby – Powder Blush: This pretty coral blush is a full size item, and was the second sneak peek for this box. I love the shade, which is perfect for Summer. I can’t wait to try this, and hope it gives me good colour in an easy to apply and blend formula.

Caudalie – Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet: I recieved this exact same 10ml sample in the Latest in Beauty Limited Edition Beauty and the Beast Box, which I already reviewed last month so won’t re-review this month. If you want to read the full review it was published 15th April and is still available to read, but here are a few key facts too. This sample is worth £5.75 (see review for source), and on the whole I enjoyed using it. The moisturiser was light, refreshing and easily absorbed, but the smell reminded me of olives, which I didn’t enjoy so much. I look forward to using this again, this sample should last me 2 weeks or so.

Girl Meets Brush – Eyeshadow Blending Brush: There is no such thing as having too many makeup brushes. They are always welcome, and always lovely to get. I hope it’s nice and soft!

Dr. PawPaw – Original Balm: This is a full size product that can be used for lips, skin and hair. I’m intrigued about this, I love a product that has many uses but I’ll do a little research first to find some of the best uses for it.

Scrub Love – Active Charcoal Body Scrub: This is the second Scrub Love scrub I have recieved this month, I also had one yesterday in my Look Fantastic box – although this is a different scent. As I mentioned yesterday I love a good scrub, I’m looking forward to trying both of these.

Once again I’m really happy with my Glossybox, and I can’t wait to get stuck into everything. Throughout the month I’ll be reviewing each item in details, and then at the end of the month I’ll revisit this article and update what my final thoughts of the box were, whether I had value for money and what my favourite items were.

Edit: 27.05.17 – This was a great box by Glossybox again this month, which contained a whopping £38.67 worth of items. It would have been great value for the usual £10 a month I pay, but considering that it was free I am overjoyed.

A highlight for me has been Dr. PAWPAW. This versatile balm is proving more and more useful each time I pick it up.

The standout item this month was Scrub Love. It smelt so bad, but, it really worked. My skin felt amazing after each time I used it, and I’m totally obsessed with the results.

Once again Glossybox thank-you for such a treat, I’m looking forward to next months box which we already know contains a luxury eye product. I can’t wait! Faye 💕

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