Look Fantastic May 2017 ‘Get the Glow’ Unboxing

I cancelled my Birchbox subscription last month after 5 months as a subscriber. If you missed my look back at the April box, I explained that my decision to end my subscription was partly based on not feeling the same joy from my Birchbox boxes as from other boxes, and partly due to the change in the loyalty programme. I think I liked the boxes more than the items inside, and I couldn’t afford to keep up my subscription for a pretty box! I have instead decided to try Look Fantastic. I chose Look Fantastic as I really enjoyed their Limited Edition Beauty Egg, and their previous boxes all looked really lovely. There are lots of subscriptions options – the box starts at £15/month (free postage) to cancel at anytime, or it can be as low as £13/month (free delivery) if you commit for a year. I’m giving it a three month trial, so my box was £14.50 including delivery.

Look Fantastic didn’t offer much in the way of sneak peeks ahead of the boxes launch, except for the design of the box itself. The box is really beautiful starting at hot pink in the bottom left corner, and finishing at light pink in the top right corner. “Get the Glow”, and the Look Fantastic brand are printed in shiny bronze text. All of the boxes contents are a surprise, I can’t wait to see what’s inside.

Lifting the lid of the box I can see that I have a “Get the Glow” edition booklet, and a copy of May’s Elle magazine. I’m delighted, I love reading Elle, but I never spend money on magazines. The booklet itself is 20 pages long, and begins with a letter from Amelia, the Beauty Editor. Amelia explains the boxes inspiration is to make us feel as gorgeous as possible now that Summer is on the way. The next two pages have a handy table of contents, followed by a little run through of what’s in the box – I’ll definitely be coming back to this article when I use the products. The second half of the booklet is filled with beauty articles, and items from the shop that fit in with the articles. I’ll read the articles as they do look interesting, but I think they are more of a marketing opportunity for new products.

Underneath the booklet and Elle magazine I can see that the items are wrapped in gorgeous pink tissue paper. The paper is secured with a little sticker, which has the same colour scheme as the outside of the box. The sticker says #lfbeautybox.

Carefully I unstick the sticker, and peer inside the box. I can see that the items are sitting on pink shredded paper – which not only looks beautiful but keeps the items safe during transit. My very first thought when I looked at the items was “wow!” as there are seven items included in this box, seven! Most of the items look like sample sized packages, but I think seven is incredibly generous and I’m very happy. This box is skincare heavy, which makes sense as it fits the inspiration behind the box – but there are lots of different types of skincare included. There is one makeup item, one haircare item and 5 skincare items in total.

Nuface – Prep-N-Glow Textured Cleansing Cloth: This is a double sided cloth that can be used to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate skin. I’m really interested to see how this compares to my current – I reckon it will certainly save time, will it also give me a better result? I can’t wait to find out.

Glov – Hydro Demaquillage: I have wanted to buy one of these for ages! This clever little cloth can remove makeup with only water. I still use face wipes, and then I have a spray cleanser as they don’t get it all off but I would love to switch to something like this so I hope it works.

System Professional – Solar Oil: This oil protects hair from UV damage, and pollution as well as taming frizz. I do have dry hair, and it’s never crossed my mind that a product like this might exist to protect it from UV damage – I can’t wait to see how this performs.

James Read – H2O Gradual Tan Mist – This is a facial tanning spray, and is something that is really useful to me. I don’t really tan on my face, partly as my nose just sports little freckles, and partly as I’ve mistakenly given myself sunglasses tan lines in the past so I’m always careful! This could be perfect alternative.

Mellow – Baked Eyeshadow: This is a very generously sized eyeshadow and I have the shade “Peach”. This eyeshadow would make a perfect base colour for an eye makeup look, or I’m sure will also look good on it’s own. I don’t have a peach eyeshadow, and I always run out of the light colours first so I’m very happy to have this.

Real Chemistry – Luminous 3 Minute Peel: This is not a face mask that hydrates the skin, but instead removes dead skin cells. I gently exfoliate daily, but I can’t wait to find out how much, if anything, I’ve missed.

Scrub Love – Coconut & Cranberry Body Scrub: This sounds good enough to eat. I really enjoy a good exfoliation, I have a glove and a mitt that I use, but I haven’t found a scrub that I love yet. Maybe this is the one!

I am genuinely impressed with this Look Fantastic box at first glance – it seems to have a lot of different types of items that are either new to me and innovative, incredibly useful, or filling a gap in my current beauty products. I can’t wait to get stuck in, and I’m so happy that I signed up. I’ll be testing and reviewing each product as the month goes on, and then at the end of the month I’ll come back to this article to update my final thoughts on the box, whether I had value for money and what my favourite items were.

Edit: 07.06.17 – oh my gosh, what a brilliant first box I’ve had from Look Fantastic. I had £41.29 worth of beauty products, and a free copy of Elle magazine which is great value for the £14.50 I paid. I did have a reaction to one of the products the second time I used it, but the others were all a very high standard. In fact, iceberg really struggle do to choose my two favourites.

A highlight of the box for me was the Glov make up remover cloth. I’m really fond of it, I’ve used it quite a few times since testing it and it’s still soft and fluffy, and still removing my makeup with ease. I’m very impressed.

The standout item for me was the Mellow eyeshadow. Again, this is an item I’ve used a few times since testing it, but it’s firmly taken it’s place as the only thing I will use to highlight my brow bone and inner eye, as well as being a beautiful shadow in its own right.

Im so glad I made the move to Look Fantastic – my next box has already arrived and my first impression is amazing. I hope I am this happy when I’ve tried everything in June’s box too! Faye 💕

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