Laura Geller ‘Spackle Color-Correcting Make-Up Primer’ Review

The final item I have to try from April’s Cohorted box is the Laura Geller Primer. I’ve tried a lot of primers this year since I started writing my blog, but this is the first that has offered additional colour correcting help – and I can’t wait to see what it does. My Cohorted card says:

“Award-winning primer creates a flawless canvas so make-up glides on and looks freshly-applied for hours – now SUPERCHARGED with soothing botanicals and age-fighting antioxidants that help protect from free radicals: DC Detoxdefense (a powerful cocktail of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and phospholipids), polyphenol-rich Wine Extract, plus Aloe, Beet Root, Centella Asaitica and White Tea Extracts.”

This is a full size 59ml primer, and the best price I could find it for online is £21.50 from with £2.95 p&p. I have the “neutralizer” version to even out skin tone, but there are other variations in the range including tinted “champagne”, “bronze” and “ethereal”, mattifying, hydrating and original. 

The primer is packaged in a clear matte finish soft plastic tube and I can see the colour of the primer through the tube. On the front is the brand, and product name; and the cute Laura Geller lips in red. The back of the tube has the company contact information, and place of manufacture (USA). 

Directions: Apply a thin layer over clean, moisturised face. Oil-free and paraben-free primer colour-corrects uneven skin tone and neautralises the look of imperfections. Wear under foundation for perfect makeup application, or use alone for flawless looking complexion.

Unscrewing the lid of the primer I dot the peachy liquid around my face before rubbing it in. The first picture has my prepped skin with little dots of Spackle, the second picture above shows the primer spread evenly. The difference between the two is very subtle, but I notice that my skin is brighter, particularly in my under eye area which is always naturally dark. Whilst this doesn’t have anywhere near the same coverage as a foundation, it’s really set up a nice base for me to work with.

9:00 – I applied my foundation and concealer as usual, but I’ve decided to keep my eye makeup to simple eyeliner today as I’m going to Buckingham for afternoon tea, dinner and to stay for the night so I want a look that’s versatile. The only makeup item I’m taking with me is my red lipstick, which is Clarins “Joli Rouge” in shade Clarins Red. I am a little nervous about relying on this primer to hold my makeup all day. I don’t mind doing the primer challenge in work, but the idea of going to dinner and/or drinks missing half of my makeup is a little daunting.

12:00 – I’ve been on the motorway for a few hours – it’s a sunny day so the car is hot and stuffy as our air conditioning doesn’t work (why?!) but my makeup is still in place.

2:00 – I’ve arrived in Buckingham and checked in to the hotel. After several hours in the hot car my makeup isn’t flawless, but I’m pretty impressed with how it is looking. If I had a little powder or blotting paper to soak up some excess sticky car feeling I would be a little happier right now, but as it happens there is a cream tea with my name on it so I’m headed downstairs to find it. 

4:00 – My husband didn’t want his prosecco, so I helped him out. My makeup is starting to wobble now, my pores are becoming more visible as my oily skin is causing my makeup to start moving. But, even though I’m starting to notice my makeup moving and a little shine I’m still happy enough with my makeup not to feel self conscious. 

6:30 – My hair is a mess after having a nap, but my makeup hasn’t moved much since I last checked it. Again, I have some visible pores and I do have some shiny areas around my t-zone but I’m actually more concerned about my hair than my makeup. A fresh application of lipstick and I’m ready to go!

10:00 – I don’t really drink alcohol since I stopped smoking, but I had a bottle of wine with dinner and it went straight to my head so it’s game over for me. My face now has a soft sheen all over, and I can see all the freckles on my nose again, which is my indication that my makeup is missing. It’s not completely gone though, I can see some areas such as my cheeks are still looking good, and might be able to last for a few more hours if I wasn’t such a lightweight! 

This primer to held my makeup for a period of 13 hours, and I was amazed (and grateful) that it stepped up to the challenge. I love the colour correction part of this primer – I really did notice a better finish to my makeup using this primer compared to using one of the many other primers I’ve had recently. In terms of longevity it can compete with the likes of New CID and This Works, which are the primers that have the most staying power for me up to this point. Overall, I’m really happy that I had this item in my Cohorted box, and whilst I would buy it again I really want to try the mattifying primer from the range to see if that can tame my oily skin. 

This was the last item to try and review from my Cohorted box. I’m off to my Monday fitness class now but later tonight I’ll update the Cohorted article with my thoughts on my first box from them, whether I had value for money and what my favourite items were.

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