IZ Beauty of London ‘Gel Effect’ Review

I used to get my nails done professionally quite frequently as I loved all the various metallic and glitter finishes that can be achieved. I have naturally long nails but I found they were brittle after removing the product, so I’ve switched instead to painting my own nails. As such, nail polishes are always a welcome addition to any beauty box – I love having lots of choice on Sunday night, which is when I do my nails for the week ahead. This IZ nail polish in May’s Roccabox is one such welcome choice, and I, going to try it tonight for this week.

This is a full size 6ml polish in “Forget Me Not”. This gel effect nail polish is also available in “Lily Romance” (baby pink), “Wild Sage” (mint green) and “Wisteria Lane” (lilac). The polishes are available from izbeauty.co.uk for £6.00 a pot. 6ml isn’t very big for a nail polish, but I prefer smaller nail polishes to enormous pots. For me, a smaller pot means less waste when I eventually have to throw it out – I’ve never finished one by using all of the polish.

I will confess, when I first saw this nail polish I thought it resembled something I would buy for a girl instead of an adults makeup item – but it has grown on me a little and I now think of it more as cute. The nail polish is in a cube shape, and the IZ branding is displayed in black and hot pink lettering around the corner of the pot. The black brush handle is striped between matte and glossy rings of black, and on the top of the brush is the brand. Underneath the pot is a white sticker containing the shade name. 

Unscrewing the lid of the pot I can see that the brush has a very short length, and is also not very wide. The formula seems like a good consistency – its runny, but not too runny. The colour of the polish is beautiful, it’s a very pale pastel blue but it has a touch of pink that almost makes it look lilac in some lights. I love the shade, despite being pale blue it’s not cold or icy and perfect for Spring.

I’m not enormously impressed with how the formula for this polish coats my nails. I applied two coats to start with, but I found the polish had streaks and needed a third coat to get an even colour across my nails. The colour is great after three coats, but the polish is soft. I can make nail imprints on the surface of my nails by pressing into them, which means it’s only a matter on time until I catch one on something and ruin the finish. Even my favourite top coat, Revlon ‘Gel Envy Diamond Finish Top Coat’ hasn’t helped to make the finish stronger and more robust. I also found the applicator difficult to use as it’s so short  and the brush is so tiny, it took a lot to get it to cover my nails and I made a big mess! 

From a distance I quite like the look of my nails, they really are a gorgeous colour that is so perfect for the time of year. Up close I notice the little imperfections and it puts me off wanting to finish using this polish. If I was quite light with my hands I think I would probably try this polish again, but in my hectic life it stands no chance so I’m going to stick to what I know works for me.

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