Roccabox May 2017 Unboxing

This is Roccaboxes third beauty box. The first two boxes have been outstanding and I mentioned in my wrap up of the last box that this was becoming my favourite beauty box subscription, so I have high hopes for this one too. The last box I recieved was full of familiar brands that I love, and the contents totalled a whopping £39.19, based on the best prices I could find for the items online. My subscription only costs me £10/month + £3.95 p&p, so I felt like I had excellent value for money. Roccabox is different to other beauty boxes as each month they work with top beauty bloggers who use the expertise to curate boxes of their favourite beauty items, this months box is curated by Sassy in the City.

Roccabox didn’t offer any sneak peeks ahead of this boxes release, except that the curator would be Sassy in the City. On Wednesday they posted a photo of the full boxes contents on Instagram, which was the day my box was dispatched. I know that some people like to know what’s coming in their box ahead of time, and some people like a surprise – if you like to be surprised you can still have this subscription – just avoid Roccaboxes Instagram page from dispatch until arrival. Twitter was safer as it only had a link to the IG page, so if you didn’t click it, then you didn’t see it.

Roccabox have stayed true to the beautiful white box design again this month, with the rose gold Roccabox logo on the lid. In previous months I’ve had an information card in my Roccabox which tells me about the items, the best way to use them, and what their value is. I’m missing a Roccabox card this month, which I’m gutted about as I find them so useful. I really hope Roccabox bring the information cards back next month!

Lifting the lid of my Roccabox I can see that I have 5 items altogether, and it looks like three of them are full size. It’s really nice to see the familiar pink shredded paper inside the box, although this month it is tissue paper which is really soft. Also, in this box the items are carefully nestled into the paper instead of being plonked on top, which I love. I can also see that I have two skincare items, two makeup items, and a hair removal item, so it seems like I have a good mix of treats to try.

Wilkinson Sword – Intuition Ultra Moisture: I’m a waxer. I use Salon System ‘Just Wax Multiflex Stripless Beads’ which I buy for £12.98 for 700g, and it lasts me ages. I find waxing really easy, and whilst it takes a little longer than shaving to set up, the result lasts longer and I can’t accidentally cut myself in the process. I do keep an emergency razor in the cupboard in case I forget to re-order wax, or for when I go on holiday (just in case), but this isn’t something I would normally use.

Monu Skin – Hydrating Mask: I love a good face mask, but scanning the description of this one it says it’s for dry or sensitive skin. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know my skin can be difficult to please, in the past rejecting the loveliest of ointments. I have combination/oily skin so I am a little worried this will be too rich for my needs, but I’ll give it a go as it may surprise me.

Mandara Spa – Body Lotion: Body lotions are something that I seem to accumulate, and I have a few boxes of them in my makeup desk. Saying that, nothing compares to finding a body lotions that feels rich and sumptuous on the skin, and smells divine. I’m always up for trying new body lotions regardless of how many I have, so I’m looking forward to this one.

IZ – Nail Polish: This looks like a cute little nail polish in a pastel lilac shade. I like the colour, hopefully it’s long wearing, fast drying and chip resistant too!

Glo & Ray – Longwear Precision Liquid Eyeliner: I had two eyeliners in beauty boxes last month, and I have an eyeliner this box too – although this is a liquid liner which is a little more me. I don’t think I’ve ever put make up on and not used a liquid liner, so whilst I already have three liquid liners at home they are something that I use a lot and are useful to have. I’m hopeing the applicator is easy to use, and delivers a precise line which doesn’t budge or smudge as the day goes on.

I’m not disappointed with my Roccabox this month, but I’m not blown away by it either. I’ve got two items that I don’t think I’ll be able to use, and the other three are all variations of something that I recieved in a beauty box last month. I’m keeping an open mind as Roccaboxes have been incredible in the past and I’m sure I’ll love all of these items when I try them. When I have tried all of the items I’ll return to this article and update whether I had value for money, what my thoughts of the box were, and what my favourite items were.

Edit: 25.05.17 – I recieved £37.90 products in Mays Roccabox which is great value for the £10 I paid, but sadly this month there were a few items that weren’t suitable for my needs.

A highlight for me is the Glo & Ray liquid liner. I really loved the results it gave, it’s just a shame I already had the same product from another brand so I gave it away to (a very happy) daughter in the end.

The standout item for me is the Monu Skin mask. I didn’t think I’d like it, but actually it’s really good – and its value alone is more than I paid for the whole box.

I’m confident that next month I’ll adore the box again, and I’m hoping that Roccabox remember to include my product information card as I noticed on social media that other people received them this month.

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