Laura Mercier ‘Crème Smooth Lip Colour’ Review

I love and hate this time of the month with equal measure. On the one hand it’s a really exciting time as final sneak peeks are being announced, beauty boxes are being dispatched and I feel giddy with suspense and anticipation. On the other hand, I’ve nearly finished reviewing all the treats from the previous month and my treat box is looking a little empty. I’ve saved a few items that I’m really looking forward to trying until the end, and one of those items is this Laura Mercier lipstick from April’s Cohorted. The Cohorted booklet says:

“A luxurious lipstick that gives lips the ultimate in colour, texture, and finish. In one smoothing swipe, the Crème formula envelops lips in rich colour with a semi-lustrous finish. The cushiony, lightweight texture feels comfortable, while pure Olive Oil and Vitamin E nourish lips. Longwearing formula (6 hours to 8 hours) does not bleed or feather; does not dry or fade; does not set into lip lines. Dermatologically tested and allergy tested to minimise the risk of allergy and irritation. Fragrance free.”

This is a full size 4g lip colour in the shade “Audrey”. The full range has 26 shades, some of which have sold out, but there are still plenty available to buy online from multiple retailers for £22.00, including

The lipstick is packaged in a silver box with black writing. The front of the box has the brand and product name. Rotating the box clockwise, the next side shows the lipstick imgredients (above).

Another clockwise rotation displays that the lipstick is dermatologist tested, and lists the company contact details and place of manufacture (Italy). A final clockwise rotation displays various writings in different languages that I’m unable to decipher. Finally, the shade is printed on the bottom of the box.

This lipstick looks amazing! No, that is not just a normal plastic lipstick packaging. This casing is cool to the touch, like a metal, but so smooth it gives a mirror finish. It feels really nice to hold in my hands. Laura Mercier is printed on the lid of the lipstick down one side only. On the bottom of the lipstick is a perfectly placed small, black sticker which contains the brand, product and shade name. The sticker also repeats the company contact information and place of manufacture.

Removing the lid of the lipstick, I can see the same dark, sleek look and finish have been used. The lipstick is for I shed in a beautiful teardrop shape, and the formula looks rich and creamy. I twisted my lipstick as far as it would go to see how much product is inside, and I’m pleased to see that there is plenty, this will last me ages. 

A little swatch on my hand confirms that this does indeed deliver rich, glossy colour. There is a little more pink in the shade than I first thought there would be when I saw the lipstick in its casing – and I’m happy to say I quite like the colour. I was able to wipe the cross off my hand using my hand, so I’ll be interested to see how long this lipstick lasts in the real world. 

I’ve actually tried this lipstick out a good few times to get a feel for it. The first time I tried it, I decided to let the lipstick speak for itself and didn’t follow any of the usual prep steps that I would normally take when putting my lips on, for example lining my lips. I also didn’t use any gloss afterwards – I just wanted the colour to speak for itself. The lipstick is really creamy and glides on to my lips. My lips are saturated in colour, and whereas some lipsticks are quite dry this one gives me a slightly glossy sheen. I head off to work pouting a little more than usual, but by the time I’ve finished my first cup of tea at quarter past nine I realise my lipstick is on my cup and nowhere to be seen on my face. My lipstick lasted less than two hours.

This lipstick formula reminds me of my favourite, favourite brand on lipstick – Clarins ‘Joli Rouge’, so I really wanted to try it again with the sort of helping hand I give my Clarin’s lipstick. I still decided to let the lipstick speak for itself, but this time I applied multiple layers of lipstick, blotting with tissue paper between each layer to remove excess and slowly build colour. When I was satisfied with the colour I applied a coat of Lipcote to seal the deal. My colour wasn’t as vibrant as it was in the photo above at the end of the day, but my lipstick is definitely still on. 

This lipstick is a little more expensive than my usual Clarins lipstick, but I will definitely buy it again if there is a shade I really like, and I will absolutely use this colour a lot over the next few months. If you want a lipstick that stays put, on its own with no budging this isn’t the lipstick for you. But, if you want a creamy lipstick that delivers bold colour then this certainly ticks the boxes. 

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