Sport FX ‘Definition Duo Eyeliner Pencil’ Review

I had two eyeliner pencils in beauty boxes in April, a ModelCo ‘Eye Define Crayon’, which I recieved in Birchbox and reviewed on 19.04.17, and this Sport FX ‘Definition Duo Eyeliner Pencil’ which I’ve received in my April Glossybox. Naturally, receiving two similar items in the same month I want to compare them to see which eyeliner is the better. I liked the Birchbox eyeliner, so this one has tough competition. My Glossybox card says:

“Sport FX has been specially created to offer multi-use products that make quick turnarounds at the gym a reality. This dual-ended retractable pencil always stays sharp and features both black and brown eyeliner shades so you can create different looks (brunettes can also use it to define brows). The waterproof formula stands up to gym sessions as well as it does cocktails.”

This is a full size double-ended eyeliner, although the product weight is unclear making it difficult to verify the size. I struggled to find this item for sale in many places online, although I saw plenty of mentions of it. It is available from for £9.99. 

The eyeliner is packaged in a black box, with red ends. The front of the box has the brand name, and products name in white text, and two thin red bands of colour which wrap around all sides to add colour detail. Rotating the packaging clockwise the product is summarised along with the slogan ‘sweat smart. sweat sexy.’ There is also an outline of the pencil printed in white. 

The next side of the box describes the item, and the final side has the ingredients (photo above). The description says:

“Definition duo eyeliner pencil can transform your look throughout the day; you choose either the brown or black micro tip for a smudge-proof powerful eye. Flawless, defined with serious staying power. Waterproof and gentle to even the most sensitive eyes, this 6 hour long-lasting eyeliner contains nourishing Vitamins E + C for a healthy boost. The precision pencil is duo-ended, self sharpening and easy to use. The retractable twist up design glides on with ease.”

Inside the box is the pencil itself, which is a very similar design as the box – black with white writing. It also has the same red double band running around the centre of the pencil. Each side of the pencil is marked either brown or black to show which colour is located that side. There is nothing wrong with this packaging, but it doesn’t appeal to my personal taste preferences. I like a whole lot of looks of cosmetic items, cute, glamorous, luxe, unique, funky, girly – but sporty is not really a look that I go wild for in makeup packaging. In a shop I wouldn’t be tempted to pick this up just based on appearance alone. 

The great thing about this type of eyeliner is that it will never need sharpening – if you are running low you can simply twist to let out more liner. I don’t recommend you try this as the nibs could snap, but I twisted each side of the eyeliner out all the way to show you how much was inside it. Looking at the length of the nibs each appears to be about as long as the ModelCo nib. 

Comparing the swatch of the black eyeliner nib, which is the x in the photo above, the colour is strong and vibrant like the ModelCo eyeliner. Brown eyeliner, which is the f, isn’t something I would usually buy or use, but I’m inspired to experiment with this shade in different makeup looks. I also want to try it on my eyebrows – I have an eyebrow pencil but I want to see whether this will deliver a better final result for me. 

The eyeliner described itself as smudge-proof, however it falls a little short of this. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes it’s nice to have a heavy colour that’s easy to smudge to create eye looks, but if you’re thinking of buying this for its claims of being smudgeproof dont, you will be disappointed.

I tested the brown shade as an eye brown pencil. My eyebrows are really messy at the moment so I understand I’m giving the pencil a tough job. I’m trying to grow them so I can improve the shape after my Benefit brow catastrophe, but they will look worse before they look better. I’ve used the Talika ‘Lipocils Ink’ that I reviewed 14.04.17 on both eyebrows to give a bit of a base, and to encourage the hair regrowth. The eyeliner glided on very easily, and deposited a lot of colour on my eyebrows. I’ve use the liner on the brow on the left in the picture, I don’t hate it but the result is a little dark for me. 

I think the idea behind this eyeliner duo is lovely – it’s space efficient and cost effective, and wants to do some really useful things but for me that’s where it stops. I prefer the ModelCo eyeliner for durability, and I prefer my eyeliner pencil for the look of my brows. This was the last item I had to review from my Glossybox, it’s time to go back to my unboxing post to update whether I had good value for money, what my final thoughts are and what my favourite items were. 

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