Laura Geller ‘Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator’ Review

It was only 5 days ago that I tried a Laura Geller eyeshadow trio, which I loved, and now I get to try another Laura Geller item. This time it’s a highlighter, and I really do have a sweet spot for highlighters. I recently treated myself to my first Glow Kit by Anastasia – it was the Nicole Guerriero collaboration with the pink coloured palette – and it’s out of this world. Just a tiny amount has such a big impact, and that’s what I want from this Laura Geller Illuminator. The Gelato Swirl Illuminator is the last item I have to try from the Look Fantastic Limited Edition ‘Beauty Egg’. 

This is a full size 4.5g compact in “Gilded Honey”. The Illuminator is available in 4 shades altogether, including “Charming Pink”, “Peach Glow”, and “Ballerina”. The best price I could find for this online is £16.50 from, with free delivery.

The highlighter comes packaged in a fun white box, with hot pink sides. The front of the box has the Laura Geller brand, product name and shade and shows the little hot pink trade mark lips. The back of the box contains the ingrredients (which are shown in the photo above), company contact information and place of manufacture (Italy). The box also gives a description, it says:

“Illuminate your natural beauty! This innovative hybrid texture applies like a sheer powder but feels like a cream, creating a translucent wash of luminous colour that can be swept all over face for a lit-from-within glow. A fresh, 3-D design captures the look of our favourite Italian desert, and lasts until the very last application.”

It’s a really good looking compact. The highlighter is set in black plastic casing on the bottom, and the lid is clear plastic with the Laura Geller branding printed on it. On the bottom of the compact is a sticker which reiterates the product name, shade, place of manufacture and company contact information. My sticker is not even close to being central, which I don’t always mind on products but for this highlighter I think it reduces the impact of the compact and makes it look a little shoddy. 

Lifting the lid of the compact shows the Illuminator in all its beautiful glory. And I really do think it is beautiful. It reminds me of a pot of melted gold that someone has been stirring – it’s bright and so full of light that it almost looks like it’s a liquid. I can see why the shade is Gilded Honey, it’s the perfect name for it.

Tracing my finger over the compact and allowing the powder to transfer to the back of my hand I can see for the first time how the highlight looks on skin. The Gilded Honey shade shines gold in the light, and the shade would look especially beautiful on sun kissed skin, or applied over bronzer. Whilst this is luminous and densely packed with shimmering particles, it’s not quite as in-your-face as the Anastasia glow kit that I have. It was cloudy when I did my makeup this morning, and despite achieving a look I was happy with my iPhone camera couldn’t capture it. If the light hits this powder from the right angle it dazzles, like in the photo above, but from any other angle it’s less impressive.

Overall, I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to try this Illuminator and I’ll definitely finish using it for work, but I won’t buy any other shades from the range. This could really suit someone who likes a more natural makeup look, or doesn’t want to go overboard on highlighter, but for me this was a little too subtle. I am going to stick to Anastasia palettes as they easily create dazzling results, and although they are twice the price they come with 6 different highlighters. This was the last item from the Look Fantastic Limited Edition “Beauty Egg” so I will update the original article with what I thought of the box overall, whether I felt like I had value for money and what my favourite bits were. 

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