John Frieda ‘Frizz Ease Original 6 Effects Serum’ Review

Before I begin, happy 1st May! I hope you enjoyed your day off, or if you had to work I hope you were paid a fortune for it. I was lucky enough to be off today, and spent half the day attempting to play badminton in the garden with my daughter, and the other half having a mini pamper day. It was the perfect time for me to try the Frizz Ease from my April Roccabox. Frizz Ease is something I’ve known about for a very long time – it makes me think of my cousin Jess. She had beautiful curly hair, which she hated when she was younger, and after trying nearly every product under the Sun to achieve straight hair finally settled on this range, and swears by it. I can’t think why I’ve never tried it. My Roccabox card says:

“The definition of a cult product, there is a reason this iconic serum has a huge following and it starts with the F-word. Instantly eliminating frizz, this unique blend of silicones, silk protein and Thermal Protectant also boosts shine and repels humidity. Basically it’s our hairs BFF.”

This is a full size 50ml tube of serum which is widely available to buy online. The cheapest place I found it was £4.66 from, which also comes with free delivery. 

The packaging for this serum is really eye catching. There is a clear plastic outer casing which has the brand and product names printed on, and inside is a smaller red plastic casing in the shape of a test tube which holds the serum. The back of the bottle has the company contact information, and place of manufacture (E.U.). The bottle also has a little description of the benefits, it says:

“Fight frizz and all its causes. This comprehensive serum eliminates frizz, smoothies and games while protecting against humidity and heat for medium to coarse hair.”

Ingredients: cyclopentasiloxane, dimethiconol, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, paraffinum liquidum, hydrolyzed silk, parfum, linalool, butylphenyl methylpropional, limonene.

Directions: Start with slacking wet hair. Dispense 1 pump of serum into palm and rub hands together. Spread evenly through hair avoiding roots. Use more or less depending on hair length and thickness, and do not rinse out. 

To prepare my hair, I’ve used Philip Kingsley “Elasticizer” (which makes my hair flyaway and will give this serum a challenge), Schwarzkopf “Blond Me” shampoo, and Aussie “Miracle Moist” conditioner. I brush my wet hair through, and dispense one pump of the serum. It’s a clear, oil like liquid that smells like flowers. As I have long hair I decide a second pump is probably also needed, and then rub the serum between my hands before spreading it through my hair – starting at the roots. The product spread easily and evenly through my hair, and whilst my hands were a little oily afterwards any remaining serum wiped off easily.

I blow dried and straightened my hair, and I was delighted with the smooth result. I could have probably got away without straighteners as my hair was looking pretty smooth after blow drying, but I was so impressed I wanted to see what kind of result I could achieve. I’ve achieved nice results with other products but what I noticed about the Frizz Ease is it can hold my hair in the sleek style all day, whereas some other products wore off throughout the day. It even counter-acted the flyaway effect the pre-shapmpoo has on my hair, whilst maintaining the softness it gives me.

I mentioned earlier that I don’t know why I haven’t tried this – and I’m really at a loss as to what stopped me. It’s a great price and it delivers results. It’s safe to say I’m seriously impressed. This was the last item to review from April’s Roccabox, so I will return to the unboxing article and update whether I had value for money, what my final thoughts are and what my favourite items are.

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