Kure Bazaar ‘The Natural Pedicure Ritual’ Review

Despite seeing it snow last week, I’m told that Summer is coming – which should mean I can switch to open shoes everyday without freezing my toes. I don’t really like feet, but with them being on show I want them to look as pretty as they can look. I was really pleased to find this Pedicure Ritual pack in April’s Roccabox to give me a helping hand. My Roccabox card says:

“Spring equals bare feet. Get those tootsies open-toe prepped with this full home pedicure ritual. A nail file and sperate cuticle pusher will sort your toenails, while a pair of foot nourishing socks and a luxury foot mask, complete with skin-smoothing aloe vera and avacado, will get those feet footsie-worthy soft”.

This is a full size 25g pack, which is widely available to buy online. The cheapest price I found it was £3.25 from fragrancedirect.co.uk, where delivery is free over £20. 

The pack comes in a white foil sachet. The front of the sachet has the brand and product name written in black text, and lists the contents in two languages. The back of the packet has the company contact information, and place of manufacture (France). The ingredients are listed in the bottom right hand corner of the above photo. 

Tearing open the sachet I can see that there is a nail file and a wooden cuticle stick included. There is also a clear packet containing something white, which I guess are the foot masks. The packet feels quite heavy, so I predict these little foot socks have been generously coated with the mask formula.

Opening up the little plastic packet I pull out and unfold the socks. I’ve used feet masks like this before, and they can be quite messy but I’m glad to see the mask is only in the sock where it’s needed, and it hasn’t seeped everywhere. I even put the product and open one of the socks to smell the formula. The mask smells beautiful, really natural and fresh – and I can see that the mask is a rich white cream. 

Directions: Remove polish, file and shape nails on the first foot. Spread mask (cream) evenly in sock, then insert foot. Repeat for second foot. Make an opening in the tips of the sock – starting with the first foot – to free the nail and work on the cuticles. Remove socks and massage mask into feet. Ultimately, remove any moisture on nails before applying nail polish.

I popped each foot into the socks, and pressed down around my foot to make sure all of my skin was coated in the mask. Be careful, don’t try to walk in these as they are slippery. The instructions didn’t specify a time limit, and I got a little carried away so I left the mask on for about 40 minutes overall. After this time I removed the socks, and rubbed the excess mask into my skin before finally removing anything that was still left with a clean towel. 

The picture of the left is the before, the right is after. Im really happy with the results, as you can see my feet were really dry, but after wearing the booties were softer and hydrated. Of course, this pack doesn’t remove the hard skin on feet so if you wanted to turn this treatment up a notch you could start by soaking feet in a bowl of  warm water first, with or without foot soak. File off the hard skin on heels, then use this treatment pack for intensive hydration. Finally, finish by painting nails and enjoy beautiful (as beautiful as feet can be…) feet. If/when we get the weather this will be part of my Sunday night routine. 

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