Manna Kadar Cosmetics ‘High Definition Powder’ Review

Face powder is one of the makeup products where I haven’t found “The One” that I love and want to use forever. I have a face powder that I use, but I also have an inclination that I could find a better one, so when Birchbox gave subscribers the choice between a highlighting duo and face powder in April’s Birchbox naturally I opted for the face powder. I was lucky enough to get it! My Birchbox card says:

“For days when you’re less about the dewy look and more about keeping your make-up on lockdown, this velvet-finish, HD powder creates a beautiful matte finish.”

This powder is a full size item and contains 3g powder, and is quite difficult to find for sale in the U.K. It’s in stock on for $21.00, which based on today’s conversion rate is £16.21. If you like the product and choose to buy, check the shipping costs and tax for importing from US before you commit. 

The face powder is a little smaller than I expected, the diameter is about an inch and a quarter, which makes this a great size pop in my handbag. The powder is in a black plastic casing, and the lid is clear plastic to show the powder inside. The branding is also written on the top of the casing in black text. Underneath the casing is a label which has the company contact details, and place of manufacture (China). 

Directions: Simply dust all over your face, or the areas that you want to set, using a fluffy makeup brush.

Unscrewing the lid of the face powder I can see the set powder which has been set in a beautiful pattern. I usually use different tools to apply my setting powder to different areas of my face. I like to use the Nanshy sponge from my March Roccabox for areas including under my eyes. I find this sponge applies a generous amount of powder, and ensures that the whole area is completely covered, and then I can brush off the excess when it’s set. Despite the directions recommending a brush only I decide to stick to my usual method for the trial, and swirl the Nanshy sponge in the powder compact before running to under my eyes. The powder is very smooth and velvety, and glides on to my skin but as the powder is set I don’t pick up as much as I do with a loose powder. 

I next use my powder brush to give a light dusting to areas such as my forehead. I read some comments from Birchbox subscribers online saying that they couldn’t fit their brushes in the powder pan, but I didn’t have that problem. Again, I felt the powder applied to my skin easily and I was happy with the finish it gave me in areas where I was looking for a much lighter dusting of powder. The powder set my makeup, removing the shine and drying it without making it cakey. 

Overall I was happy with the powder, but I still don’t think I’ve found the one. Whilst I enjoy the formula of this face powder, I think a loose powder suits me much better than a set powder. I’m also not convinced this is the best value for money from a powder, and whilst I’m very happy with the size as an item in a beauty box I think I’d want something a little bigger if I was going to buy it. 

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