Laura Geller ‘Baked Crème Glaze Trio’ Review

I love getting eyeshadow palettes in beauty boxes. They last for ages, there’s lots of versatility in the looks that can be created with them, and I’m terrible at buying new and exciting palettes for myself so it’s a great way for me to try something new. I either tend to buy the same sort of shades of eyeshadow when I shop, or I can’t decide what new shades to try and end up with nothing! I was delighted to receive this Laura Geller compact in April’s Cohorted box. The Cohorted booklet says:

“Crème Glaze Baked Eyeshadow features a new hybrid powder with a Crème texture that glides on to create a striking, foil-like effect. This palette of three Baked shadows is glazed to an even shimmer finish for creamy, intense colour. With Vitamin E to keep lids soft, these assorted shades can be worn alone or blended with your everyday products to up the high-impact ante.”

This is a trio of eyeshadow colours. Cohorted subscribers, or Cohortee’s, could have received one of two shades: Golden Sunset or Sandy Lagoon. I have received Sandy Lagoon. The palette is available from for £12.84, but be aware it ships from the USA so you will have to pay shipping and taxes. If you like the eyeshadow there is an 8 shade palette for sale in the U.K., the cheapest price I found for it is £32 from with free delivery – although the colours are a little different to the trios.

The palette is packaged in a box in the catchy white and pink Laura Geller style. The top, sides and bottom of the box are a vibrant shade of hot pink, and the front and back of the box is white. The front of the box has the Laura Geller brand name, and product description and name in black text. There is a little lips icon in the same hot pink used on the borders – and ‘Baked’ is emphasised in hot pink. The back of the box has the ingredients (which I won’t type in this review as they are in the photo above), the company contact information and place of manufacture (Italy). The box also described the shadows, it says:

“Like a weightless, decadent dessert that’s been caramelised to a delicate sheen, these three Baked shadows are glazed to an even shimmer finish for creamy, intense colour. Crème Glaze begins as liquid pigments that are Baked and hand-finished by Italian artisans into luxurious hybrid cream & powder formula that glides on to create a striking, foil-like effect. These flattering shades can be worn on their own, or blended with your everyday products to up the high-impact ante. Apply Dry for a smoky look, or wet for brilliance and extended wear. Even better, Crème Glaze sets to a non-transfer, water resistant finish. Stunning!”

I open the box and pull out the compact. The compact is black, sleek and glossy, and has the Laura Geller brand in white writing, with the little pink lips on the front. Underneath the compact is a sticker which describes the product and shade name, and repeats the company contact information and place of manufacture. I really like the Laura Geller packaging, on the one hand I find it really fun and girly, but on the other it still looks sophisticated and glamorous.

I gasped a little as I lifted the lid of the palette. Inside the palette are three bright, shimmering eyeshadow colours – a bright blue, a light silver grey and a darker silver grey colour. The palette also has a good sized mirror, and the applicator has a double ended brush. I don’t often use the applicators that come with eyeshadows but there are occasions I might be able to use this one.

I did an initial swatch of the colours on my arm to see how easy they are to apply, and what sort of impact the colours have, and I’m delighted at how they come out. I can see why the eyeshadows are described as creamy, some powders are quite dry which when using them makes them difficult to blend, but this spreads really easily and is a dream to apply. The eyeshadows are highly pigmented, I only rubbed the tip of my finger into the eyeshadow and traced it along my arm and each colour has come out really nicely. I also can’t believe how well they are catching the light – especially the middle shade – look at it shimmer! That would also make a lovely highlight under the brow, or around the tear duct to finish an eyeshadow look. 

I can’t see many occasions that call for so much glitter that I wear the whole palette at once, but I wanted to show you it was possible so I’ve done just that. I start by priming my eye area using Revlon “Photoready Eye Primer”, and I start to create a smokey eye look using the Pop eyeshadow palette I recieved in February’s Birchbox. To create the smokey eye, brush the lightest shade onto the lid, crease and up to the brow. Using a fluffy brush, and starting from the outside of the eye blend the mid shade into the crease using little circular motions. Apply the darkest shade to the outer v and blend out. Take a flat brush, and apply concealer over the lid of the eye, I’m using L’Oreal “Perfect Match” in beige. Now I’m ready to apply my Laura Geller shadows.

I’m using the shadows dry as I’m on my way to work and have a feeling they’ll be making quite the statement as it is, without turbo charging them! I’m also going to put down my brushes and use the little applicator brush in the palette. I start by applying the dark grey colour to the outer half of my eyelid, and the apply the lighter grey colour to the inner half of my eyelid. I brush the lighter colour over the dark to graduate the colour blend without blending so vigorously that I lose the impact of that beautiful shimmer. I hate blending shimmery colours, although this eyeshadow is easy to work with. I use the edge of the applicator brush to pick up blue shadow which I run under my eyes. I finish with eyeliner and mascara, I used Bourjois “Liner Pinceau Liquid Eyeliner” and TooFaced “Better than Sex”. Finally, I added a little Anastasia & Nicole Guerriero “Glow Kit” in forever lit to my tear duct and eyebrow arch.

I love this eyeshadow palette! I love the shimmery, shiny, high impact looks that can be created with it. I love how the pigment has stayed in place all day – hasn’t moved into my lids or fallen on to my cheeks. And I love how many compliments I’ve had about my eyeshadow today! It’s pretty safe to say that I’m going to get a lot of use out of this palette, wearing the shades alone or together. I will no about be adding to this palette very shortly as I have my eyes firmly set on the larger palette I mentioned earlier. I’ll post below if I get it! 

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