Elemis ‘Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Masks’ Review

It’s my first day back in work today after time off, and I need something a little stronger than usual to get me ready (and no, I don’t mean vodka!). My body still isn’t sure what time it’s meant to be, and even though I pleaded with it to sleep last night it just couldn’t switch off, resulting in me looking visibly tired this morning. Step up Elemis Eye Masks! I’ve tried an Elemis Facial Moisturiser before and I loved it, the only reason I didn’t swap it with my usual moisturiser was the price put me off. I’m hoping I’ll love these eye masks I recieved in the April Cohorted box just as much. The Cohorted booklet says:

“These clinically proven hydra-gel eye masks are formulated to instantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Potent plankton extract, combined with the power of Padina Pavonica and Chlorella, provides an instant skin-tightening effect, whilst Hyaluronic Acid hydrates the fragile eye area. Eye contours are left looking visibly smoother and feeling intensely moisturised.”

This is a sample size single pack of eye masks which are good for one use. The masks are more commonly sold in packs of 6, the best price I found was £36.80 from salonskincare.co.uk. That means each mask is based worth £6.13, assuming a pro rated price.

The masks are packaged in a blue/grey foil wrapper. The photo makes it look quite blue, but in reality it’s a lighter colour and a little more of a duck egg shade. The brand and product names are on the front of the packaging in black text, along with the key benefit for fine lines. The back of the mask has the company contact information, and place of manufacture (Korea). 

Tearing open the sachet, I can see there is a little clear tray with a dip in the shape of a smile. I slide out the tray and tip out a stack of smiley shaped plastic eye masks from inside. The masks were damp with formula, but they weren’t completely swimming in it, and didn’t really have a fragrance. I hasn’t expected both eyes to be stacked together one on top of the other, and then each mask had a layer of white plastic backing on one side and a layer of clear plastic backing on the other side. It took me a little while to work out what packaging had to be removed before I found the soft clear masks within.

Directions: Tear open sachet and remove one hydra-gel mask from plastic backing sheet. Gently press gel-mask sticky side down under eye area. 

Again, I got into a bit of a muddle applying these at first as I wasn’t sure which side was meant to be the sticky side. After a bit of fiddling they were stuck firmly, and felt comfortable so I begun to relax. It didn’t mention how long to wear them for on the packet, but a quick search online suggested 20 minutes. The masks felt immediately cooling and refreshing on contact with my skin, and unlike other masks they weren’t slimy or too wet. As the were so adhesive I could feel them holding my eye area taut, I could see how smooth the skin looked underneath the mask. They were very comfortable to wear. After 20 minutes I unpeeled the eye masks and examined my eye area. My skin did immediately look smoother, although whether it is as a result of being held smoothly for some time I don’t know. My eye area did look and feel more refreshed too. 

I was really happy with these little eye masks, and they are certainly the best product of this type I have tried – although once again the price deters me from wanting to buy them regularly. Whilst I made a mess of applying them first time, I’m confident that if I were to have another pair of masks I would have had a much easier time using them second time round- now that I know what to expect. Whilst regular use isn’t a prospect for me, I love the idea of getting some to keep to use before special occasions – these would really help to smooth under eye skin before makeup application to prevent creases or cracks in the application. 

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