Cohorted April 2017 Unboxing

It’s almost hard to believe that this time 24 hours ago I was still in the lovely Dominican Republic starting my journey home. I’ve been home for about three hours and I’m seriously tired. I’m not complaining as it was a lovely holiday, I just can’t sleep on transport. As I was travelling, there were three things I was looking forward to when I got home; seeing my cats little furry faces, having a bath (I usually shower but sometimes a soak is so lovely), and opening my first Cohorted box, which arrived when I was away.

I subscribed to Cohorted last month after umming and ahhing about it for ages. Whenever I see a post about a Cohorted box they look outstanding, and I’m always green with envy but they are pricier than most other beauty box subscriptions which put me off. They cost £35 per month, but postage and packing is included free of charge. If you are thinking of subscribing you should know that Cohorted work a month in advance, so if you were to subscribe now they will take £35 but you won’t get this months box – instead that pays for May’s box which you’ll receive mid May. As they bill at the start of the month for the next months box you may also pay £35 again in early May for June’s box. It’s something to be aware of so you can budget for it, but you won’t be losing out – if you ever decide to end your subscription you’ll have a final box after your cancellation request.

I love the Cohorted box! It is a stylish looking little black box, which is square in design. The Cohorted branding and “Be You Beautiful” slogan are printed in white text on the top of the box. The style of this box is different to other beauty boxes I have seen, the box is finished with a beautiful black ribbon tied into a pretty bow. A gentle tug to unwrap the ribbon releases the lid of the box, which lifts up and back like a flap.

Lifting the lid I’m delighted to see that Cohorted offer an information sheet a booklet to accompany the box. This is no double sided, or even four page overview of what’s included in the box – Cohorted have put together a beautiful 20 page booklet. I haven’t even seen what’s included yet and I’m practically drooling! The first page of the booklet is a letter from the Cohorted team explaining the inspiration behind this months box, and giving a brief overview of what’s inside. The inspiration behind this months box of goodies is to keep Cohortee’s effortlessly fresh faced. The second page is a table of contents, and lists the total box value as £102. I’ll be checking the costs as I usually do when I review each product, but at face value it already sounds like this box is good value for money. The other pages of the booklet are dedicated to the products in the box. Like other beauty boxes there is a description of each product, but unlike other beauty boxes there is no “how to use” guide, which is okay by me as the products themselves generally advise how to use them if any direction is needed. There is also a great interview with Lewis-Duncan Weedon, celebrity stylist and makeup artist – I’ll post screenshots of the interview at the end of the article for anyone who wants to read it.

Underneath the booklet I can see the items in the box, and they are nestled in lovely black shredded paper. A few other boxes use shredded paper or tissue to finish the box, it’s such a lovely touch. The paper not only looks gorgeous but it protects the items in transit. The difference with this box to other boxes that use paper or tissue is that whereas other boxes plonk the items on top of the paper, in the Cohorted box each item has been carefully set into the paper. The care and attention to this packaging is outstanding. I can see that I have 5 items in the Cohorted box this month, I’m not sure how many are full size items at this stage but I would guess at least 4 are. I seem to have a really good mix of items too, one hair product, one skin product and three makeup items (although depending on your view you may class one of the items I’ve classified as makeup as a skincare product).

Elemis – Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Masks: “Dear Cohorted, I don’t know what kind of crystal ball you use but I love it. My bags have bags, these are so welcome! Thanks, Faye.” I’ve tried little eye masks before (from Anatomicals) and I loved them, and I’ve tried Elemis facial moisturiser before and I loved that, so I’m confident that I’ll love Elemis eye masks too.

Laura Geller – Spackle Supercharged Fortified Under Make-up Primer: I had four primers in boxes last month, and I was sort of hoping I’d seen the back of them for a bit BUT this primer looks a little different to the others so I’m actually quite excited to see how it does. I love primers to give me a long lasting, flawless matte finish (I don’t want much!), and that’s what I hope for from this primer too.

Laura Geller – Crème Glaze Trio: I love receiving eyeshadow in beauty boxes so this is a beautiful surprise. Cohortees could have received one of two compacts: Sandy Lagoon or Golden Sunset. I have Sandy Lagoon, which has one of the most beautiful shades of blue I’ve ever seen in an eyeshadow palette, along with a light brown and a dark brown shade. This is one of the most stunning eyeshadow trios I’ve ever seen, I’ll try to review it sooner rather than later so you can see it in all it’s glory.

Laura Mercier – Crème Smooth Lip Colour: Cohorted gave a little sneak peek before this months box was sent, and this longwearing lipstick was it. Cohortees could receive one of three shades, Maya, Audrey or Antique Pink. I have Audrey, which is a gorgeous shade of red (again with that crystal ball – red lipstick is my absolute favourite).

Percy & Reed – Eau My Goodness Shine & Fragrance Spray: Percy & Reed are the Cohorted brand discovery this month, which is where Cohorted give a little more insight into the brand behind the product, as well as the product itself. I already know Percy & Reed from their ‘ Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm Hair Primer’ which I use religiously, and I’ve been wanting to try some more things from the range for a while. A combination of price and indecisiveness when shopping (I want them all…) has meant that I haven’t got around to trying anything new from them, again I can’t wait to try this.

I am so in love with this Cohorted box at first glance, it feels like a special present full of beautiful things that I want to buy but dismiss in favour of something more practical. I’ll be testing and reviewing each product throughout the month and I’ll let you know how they perform. I’ll also be cost checking them, and at the end of the month I’ll let you know whether I had value for money, what my overall thoughts of the box are and what my favourite items were.

Edit: 08.05.17 – it was love at first sight for me with this Cohorted box and it really didn’t disappoint. Based on the best prices I could find for the items at the time, my box totalled £84.47 – which is more than double the value of the £35 I paid for it.

A highlight for me has been the Laura Mercier lipstick. It’s creamy, rich formula really delivers on colour, and even the beautiful packaging has me spellbound.

The standout item for me is the Laura Geller eyeshadow trio. I’ve used them a few times since I received them and each time I’m delighted at the drama I can add to eye looks with such ease, and how versatile they are. I still plan on getting the big palette too.

It’s hard to fairly compare Cohorted to my other beauty box subscriptions as it is more expensive to start with so I expect different sorts of products to be included – but after trying everything in my box it definitely hit the mark. I can’t wait for Mays box! Faye 💕

P.S. For those who want to read the Lewis-Duncan Weedon interview, here it is:

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