ModelCo ‘Eye Define Crayon Liner’ Review

I had really mixed feelings when I first saw this product in April’s Birchbox. There was a little part of me that got a little excited because I love eyeliner – I love using it to emphasise my eyes and create drama. Immediately after that thought I felt a little let down as I already have a great selection of liners. I have liquid liners with brushes, pen liners that are like felt pens and kohl pencils. I haven’t tried this brand before though, so this is new to me. My Birchbox card says:

Whatever your liner style – feline flick or subtle definition – keep it in place all day with this pigmented crayon. The water-resistant formula glides on with ease and doesn’t budge.”

This is a full size liner containing 0.3g product, which is available from for £11.

The liner is black in colour, with silver writing. On the front of the crayon is the brand name, and turning the packaging slightly reveals the product name, place of manufacture (China), and the company contact details. Removing the lid of the liner, and twisting the plastic shell clockwise extends the crayon. I’ve extended it all the way out in the photo above to show you how much is in there, but if you’re curious to do the same be careful, it’s a little delicate and I snapped the end off mine after this photo!

Directions: Twist-up (no sharpening required!) and draw along your lashline.

As I mentioned above I have loads of eyeliners, so to make this a little more interesting I’m testing this a little differently. I’ve drawn a little question mark on my forearm using the crayon to see what type of line this delivers. I find sometimes with kohl pencils the lines can come out greyish, and of course liquids and gels are very pigmented and really defined. This crayon delivers strong, bold colour and whilst it’s more defined than a kohl pencil it’s still not as harsh as a liquid can be. It doesn’t smudge as easily as a kohl pencil either, so if you want eyeliner to blend I would opt for pencil, but if you want eyeliner to stay in place I’d opt for crayon. 

Is it as waterproof as it says it is? I tested its waterproof claims by taking it for a swim. My arm spent about 15 minutes submerged and moving through the water before I checked on it, which might not sound like a lot but remember this is eyeliner. The chances of your eyes being completely submerged in water for 15 minutes with your makeup having to stay in place is slim. 

The good news is that the liner didn’t budge, smudge or fade – even under the extreme conditions I was testing it in. When it was time to remove the crayon my usually makeup remover cleaned it off in seconds, I use Clinique ‘Take the Day Off’. 

I thought that I’d tried all types of liners that there are to try, and I’m actually really glad I was sent this crayon liner from ModelCo as it’s given me another layer of definition to use when finishing my eye makeup. 

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