Smith & Cult ‘The Shining Lip Lacquer’ Review

I’ve only recently discovered the joy of lipgloss. I quit smoking in December, and until the time I stopped smoking I viewed lipgloss as an inconvenience. It needed constant replication after having a cigarette, and made my cigarette ends sticky which made them feel gross to smoke, so I just avoided it for years. Discovering lipgloss has been a very unexpected benefit of cessation, and my lipgloss collection is currently very small so I was delighted to receive this Smith & Cult Lip Lacquer in Aprils Roccabox. I was even more delighted as I already have this lipgloss in another shade, the shade I have is called “The Warning”, and is a lovely bright shade of red. My Roccabox card says about this gloss: 

“It was inspired by beauty junkies, so it’s little wonder that this lip lacquer ticks all our boxes. A glass-like shone that makes your pout pop? Yep. A heap of volume-plumping action? Thanks to portulaca pilots a, you got it. Meanwhile the warm coral-pink shade is a great way to transition your Look into Spring.”

This is a full size lip lacquer in the shade “The Lovers”, which is a lovely soft pink shade. The lipgloss is widely available online for £21, including If you like the gloss there are a total of ten shades available, in a wide range of colours and tones.

The lipgloss is packaged in this fantastic black box with glossy silver writing. The packaging I really eye catching and funky. The front of the box has the brand and product name, and the shade written is on the bottom of the box. 

The back of the box has a list of ingredients (above), and the company contact details and place of manufacture (Italy). 

Inside the box is the lip lacquer. The tube is glossy clear plastic to show the colour of the gloss inside, and the Smith & Cult branding is written up the side in silver writing. The lid is also coloured glossy silver, and it has the trademark Smith & Cult dimple in the top of the lid.

The wand is beautiful, it’s clear plastic and I don’t know how they do this but the gloss doesn’t coat it after it comes out, I think it makes these glosses look really high class. The end of the applicator is soft, and it picks up plenty of gloss to coat the lips. 

Directions: There are no directions as use is self explanatory, but here are three ways to use the gloss. 

1. For a really quick, subtle and natural looking pout simple apply the gloss to top and bottom lips. The gloss glides on really easily covering the lip area, and leaves lips looking shiny and feeling fabulous.

2. If you want a little more definition, try lining the lips first and blend out the line towards the inside of the lip so it’s not so sharp. When you are happy with your blending apply the gloss on the top and bottom lips – the look is still glossy and natural, but lips are more defined.

3. If you want your gloss to really pop, apply it on top of a similar coloured lipstick to really make the colour sing out. 

As I mentioned earlier, I already have this lip gloss in another shade so I already knew I was probably going to love it – and I do love it. I’m so happy to have received this in the Roccabox, and yes I’m absolutely going to buy more shades of this stylish, high shine gloss. I’ve got my eye on “The Queen is Dead” to buy next, which is a really rich, dark plum colour. I’ll update this article with new shades as and when I get them. 

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