Rodial ‘Glamolash Mascara XXL’ Review

Mascara has been one of my favourite makeup items ever since I started experimenting with makeup, due to the dramatic way it can change the look of the face. I haven’t found a super mascara that lengthens lashes, separates them and simultaneously adds volume, so I currently use two mascaras to achieve the look I want. I use Clarins ‘Wonder Perfect’ mascara in black to lengthen and separate lashes, and Benefit ‘They’re Real!’ mascara in black to add volume. I’m always excited to try new mascara, so when one appeared in my April Glossybox I was so happy. My Glossybox card says:

“When it comes to our lashes we don’t want to hold back, which is why we love this mascara. If you want extreme everything (and who doesn’t?) then this is the mascara for you. The long-wear formula is jet black and leaves lashes supersized but soft.”

This is a 6ml sample of mascara. I really struggled to find the volume of the full size product, suggest that full size it is 13ml. The best price I could find for it is £24.00 from – assuming a similar price for the sample the mascara is £1.84 per ml, or £11.08 for the sample.

The mascara is packaged in a chic looking matte black plastic tube, with the brand and product name printed in shiny silver coloured writing. The back of the tube has the company contact information, places of manufacture (PRC – China) and product size. 

Directions: Brush directly through top and bottom lashes, wiggling the wand from root to tip, then repeat for more volume.

Unscrewing the lid of the mascara I can see that the wand is quite short, and the brush itself is about an inch long. The brush is virtually the same thickness all over, and is very slightly tapered at the tip, but it’s only marginal. I’m pleased to see that the brush is really well coated in mascara, and the bristles look really thick, perfect to get right into the eyelashes and give them all a good coating.

When I apply mascara I always like to start with the top lashline from the outer corner of the eye, where I can coat liberally in wiggly motions, and work my way into the inner part of my eyelash where I have to be a little bit more careful. I then repeat on the bottom. The formula was really easy to apply, and worked well with the brush. The mascara seemed to add length to my lashes, but did also make them a little thicker. Even though it’s called XXL mascara I think it’s biggest benefit was the length it added. In the picture above the eye on the left side of the picture has had one coat of masacara, the right has had none.

The result after one coat of mascara is that my lashes are longer and more defined, but still fairly natural looking and not over the top (photo above). If you want to go bigger, or more defined, use an eyelash curler and/or apply a second coat of mascara to really give them some oomph. The mascara stayed on well throughout the night. Sometimes mascaras can smudge with time, and it can look like the beginnings of panda eyes but this mascara stayed firmly in place. At the end of the night I was able to remove it completely with little effort.

Overall I think this is a great little mascara. I’m still a believer that to get truly dramatic eyes without falsies you need to use more than one type of mascara – for optimum results try teaming this with Benefit ‘They’re Real!” or TooFaced “Better than Sex” mascaras – they are great for volume but not so great at adding length so would match perfectly with this mascara.

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