Merci Handy ‘Love & Hand Cleansing Gel’ Review

This morning I boarded an 8 1/2 hour flight from Gatwick heading for the glorious sunshine of the Caribbean. Long haul flying is tiring, dehydrating and never one of my best makeup days, but it is the perfect excuse to try the hand sanitizer in my April Glossybox. I wouldn’t have expected a hand sanitizer in a beauty box, but then again it’s a product that I use regularly so maybe I should put a little more thought into which brand I choose. My Glossybox card says:

“On a daily commute anti-bacterial gel is a must have. As well as bei bacteria-busting, this pocket-sized bottle of hand sanitizer leaves hands soft thanks to tiny pearls, which burst on application and hydrate hands. Plus it smells great!”

This is a full size 30ml bottle of cleansing gel in fragrance “Hello Sunshine”. I couldn’t find “Hello Sunshine” for sale online, but I did find “Black Vanilla”, “Cherie Cherry”, “Flower Power”, “Lollipop”, and “New Wave” for sale for £2.90 from Alternatively, there is also “Coco Rico”, “Oh My Lemon”, and “Lollipop X Colette” available for €2.90 from

The hand sanitizer looks much more fun than other brands that I’ve seen. The bottle is clear plastic, showing off the brightly coloured orange gel inside. You can also see the little moisture beads suspended in the gel, contrasting blue against the orange colour. The label on the front reflects the colour of the gel, this one is orange and white and is patterned like a sunshine. The back of the packet explains that Merci Handy’s goal is to deliver love, and provides the company contact information and place of manufacture (China).

Directions: Squeeze a small amount of gel on to your hands and rub them together for 30 seconds.

I lift the lid of the gel, it smells as good as it looks! It’s sweet and fruity, it smells tropical and it’s really putting me in the holiday mood. I squeeze a small amount on to my hand and rub my hands together, the beads really do magically disappear and the gel is quickly absorbed into my hands. That amazing smell lasts for hours, and after repeated applications today on the plane and in the airport etc. my hands still feel soft.

It might only be hand sanitizer but this definitely made me smile every time I got it out of my handbag. Unexpectedly, it encouraged my teenage daughter to keep clean too (which is a definite win for me as she’s going through a grotty, huffy stage.)

Update: 05.07.17 – I am amassing quite a few difference variations of the hand sanitizer, and each one smells as good as the one before. I also no have Lollipop and New Wave. I’m hugely hooked on these little bottles of hygiene and happiness!



One thought on “Merci Handy ‘Love & Hand Cleansing Gel’ Review

  1. fayesbox says:

    Hi Alex, thanks for taking the time to message. I’m glad you’ve been able to decipher the implication in my writing, although it’s purposely subtle so the reader can infer or not – it’s their choice. Surely the blog name should have hinted at my style of writing?! Whilst I find your suggestion amusing, I’m NOT going to publish your comment as it’s a little obvious and I don’t want to censor my blog. Cheers for the chuckle.


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