Algenist ‘Genius Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream’ Review

There are a handful of beauty products that I can’t seem to get right, and a finding a really good day cream is one of those that I just can’t grasp. I’ve tried plenty of creams that claim to have all sorts of benefits, including leaving you looking 17 again, but in reality I find they are usually nothing more than an overpriced moisturiser. I didn’t expect to ever receive a day cream in a beauty box as they tend to be rather pricey products, but I was delighted to see this Algenist cream in the Look Fantastic Limited Edition Beauty Egg.

The cream is available in three sizes: 15ml at £34.17, 30ml at £64.91 and 60ml at £95.66, all from I have the middle size 30 ml pot of cream, and I imagine this will last me several months. The cheapest place I found the cream was 60ml for £75.36 (with free delivery) from

The cream comes boxed in a two-tone mint green metallic coloured finish. The box uses black text to describe the brand and product name, and highlights some of the active ingredientes: alguronic acid and microalgae oil.

Turning the box clockwise, the phrases ‘Ultimate Aging Cream’ and ‘Global Anti-Aging Cream’ have been printed in multiple different languages. The cream also discloses that it is dermatologist tested, for all skin types, non-comedogenic and parabens free. The company contact details, and place of manufacture (USA) are also printed, along with the Patent Number. 

The back of the box contains some directions, a description and some key results that Algenist have found during testing. They have found that in 10 days skin was brighter for 95% people in the test, and skin was reinforced for 91% people in the test. After 4 weeks, 95% of the people tested said their skin was more firm and resilient, and bounce and suppleness was restored, and 87% of people tested said forehead wrinkles, creases and lines were visibly minimised. This message  is repeated in French in the next side of the box. The box also says:

“This advanced, luxurious cream is best of anti-aging biotechnology. For the first time, this powerful formula combines Alguronic Acid, a parptented anti-agin breakthrough with a new source of nourishing oil, Microalgae Oil, a plant-based collagen, to help restore the skin resiliency and elasticity, delivering a firmer, tighter, more toned appearance. It strengthens the most fragile skin texture, softens facial contours, visibly minimises fine lines and deep wrinkles and unveils skins youthful radiance.”

The bottom of the box shows all of the creams ingredients.

Inside the box is a folded information leaflet with a message repeated in multiple languages. The leaflet reads:

“While researching microalgae for renewable energy solutions, biotechnology scientists in San Fransisco unexpectedly discovered Alguronic Acid (patented), a powerful compound responsible for regenerating and protecting the microalgae cell. Further research resulted in the successful isolation and extraction of our proprietary Microalgae Oil, a rich source of oleic acid, phytosterols, tocopherols,and tocotrienols. All Algenist formulas contain either Alguronic Acid and/or Microalgae Oil and are patented.” 

The cream is packaged in plastic pot which also has the mint green metallic colour scheme. The front of the pot has the product name, and brand. The back of the pot contains the company contact information, place of manufacture and directions. 

Directions: After cleansing, apply to the entire face, neck and décolleté. For optimal results use after your usual serum. Use only as directed.

I unscrew the lid of the cream, and I can see straight away that the pot is full of a thick, white jelly-like substance. I quite like the smell of the cream, it’s not a natural smell and it’s a little but artificial, but I don’t find it very strong at all. I scoop out a small amount of the jelly cream with my finger and start applying it to my face, and I’m really happy that the cream is easily absorbed. I have a tendency to frown when I’m concentrating, it’s a terrible habit and it’s causing lines on my forehead, and it’s especially noticeable if I’ve just applied my foundation. I found immediately after applying this cream my forehead was more relaxed and I naturally didn’t furrow my brow so much. I also noticed that my pores appear less visible – my immediate result is that this cream is amazing, so I decide to try it for a little longer before writing the review. 

After one week: Stop everything. This cream is amazing. It wasn’t a one off effect, I really do frown less after I apply this cream, and I’m starting to notice a difference in a the appearance of my skin because of it. I’m thinking of applying it in the early afternoon as it starts to wear off, so I can prolong the effect into the evening too. My skin also feels firmer, which is think is why my pores are less visible. I thought this cream was another over priced moisturiser – how wrong was I? This cream is incredible, and I’m absolutely going to continue using it. I might also see if they do a night cream…

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