Birchbox April 2017 Unboxing

Birchbox is a monthly subscription beauty box which costs £10 per month plus p&p. Last month I received £30.32 worth of products (based on the best prices I could find for the items online.), but whilst the box was excellent value for money, I didn’t really get on with the products that were included. It left me a little disappointed. It’s the first and only time I’ve ever felt like that about a Birchbox, so I’m confident this month I’ll love my Birchbox again.

This month Birchbox have collaborated with iconic fashion brand and blogger Boden for the stunning design of this months box. It truly is beautiful – it’s perfect for the Spring season and completely shows off this months theme being bold and beautiful. I’m really glad that Birchbox have returned to the little drawer boxes too, I like to keep them and stack them to store my makeup in. Birchbox released two sneak peeks this month – all subscribers would receive a rejuvenating goodie, and all subscribers had a choice of makeup product. I quite enjoy having a choice of an item, I find that I look forward to the item even more if I’ve chosen it.

I slide out the drawer of the box, and can see the Birchbox card nestling inside. The front of the card has a letter from Jess, where she explains the inspiration about this months box and the collaboration with Boden, which I’ve described above. Inside the card are a list of items in my box, along with retail prices, the product benefits and directions to use them. The back of the Birchbox card has details of this months competition, the prize this month is a Boden voucher and Birchbox treats totalling £400. To enter, simply follow @BirchboxUK and @boden_clothing on Instagram, and share a photo of your Birchbox using the #BirchboxXBoden and #BirchboxUK or #BirchboxIRE, depending on where you live.

My information card says I have 5 items in total this month, and three of those are full size. I seem to have a good mix of items too, whilst I don’t have any haircare products I have instead two skincare items and 3 makeup items.

Polaar – IcePure Gentle Scrub: This scrub was announced as a sneak peek on Sunday, and has been described as a rejuvinating goodie. Every subscriber can look forward to smoother and softer skin from trying this, I hope it also smells lovely.

Baïja Paris – Crème Moana: This nourishing lotion is in the variety Fleur de Tiarè, and looks tropical. I hope it smells as good as it looks and leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised,

Seeche Vite – Dry Fast Top Coat: This is a full size top coat nail polish. I already have three different top coats in a variety of brands, and I haven’t heard of this brand before but it’ll have so,e tough competition from my existing products! I’m hoping it will help my polish to be long wearing and glossy, and I hope it dries as quickly as the name suggests.

Manna Kadar Cosmetics – High Definition Powder: This is a full size product, and this was the first sneak peek that was announced on 21.03.17. Birchbox subscribers were given the choice again this month between the High Definition Powder that I have chosen, and a Bronzer/Highlighter combo. As you can see I opted for the powder, my current powder has a tendency to go a little cakey, so I’m hoping this will set my makeup without ruining my finish.

ModelCo – Eye Define Crayon Liner: This is a full size product, and is an eyeliner. I love eyeliner – I always line my eyes when I’m wearing makeup and for me it’s a total essential. Being such a huge part of my makeup I have loads of eyeliner from liquid with a brush, to a felt pen liner, to a kohl pencil liner – but I don’t have a crayon like this. I hope it gives me a really sharp line, and doesn’t smudge to give me panda eyes.

My first impression of this box is good. There are a few products in here that I haven’t tried before and could really fill a gap in my beauty routine, and there are a few products that I already use but could be improvements on my current brands. I’ll be trying each product throughout the month, and reviewing each one in detail. At the end of the month I’ll return to this article to write up my final thoughts on the box, and I’ll let you know whether I feel I had value for money.

Edit: 30.04.17 – my first impression of this Birchbox was good, and I’m happy overall with the contents of the box this month. The value of  the items in my box was £46.36, which is excellent considering I paid £10 for the items.

A highlight for me is the Polaar IcePure Scrub, which saved my skin when I was on holiday. I have quite fussy skin so I’m amazed it took to it, but it did.

The standout item for me was the ModelCo Eye Define Crayon. Waterproof really does mean waterproof, and it’s so nice to have a happy medium between kohl pencil and liquid liner.

This is the last Birchbox box I’m going to review. I’ve been thinking of cancelling it for some time after not enjoying March’s box, and especially seeing the difference with other beauty box providers. The final straw for me was Birchbox withdrawing their points when I was on 97 after my reviews for the month – I was saving up for some beautiful Spectrum brushes and felt like they should have given a little more notice. If I notice their boxes improve after they have implemented this change then I’ll try again, in the meantime I’m trying Look Fantastic as an alternative from May – Faye 💕

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