Illamasqua ‘Hydra Veil’ Review

I had no idea what this product was when I first unboxed it from the Look Fantastic Limited Edition Beauty Egg, but after a bit of searching online I discovered it is a primer. It looks really different to anything I’ve had in a beauty box before, and it’s unlike other primers which usually come in tubes, so I’m really excited to try it out. As it’s a primer I’m going to test it against the other three primers I received in beauty boxes in March, and see if it can hold my makeup for 14 hours.

This is a full size 30ml primer which retails at £32 from with free delivery. 

The primer comes in a black glossy pot with the brand name printed on the front of the lid in white writing. The product name, size of the pot, company contact details and place of manufacture (Thailand) are stuck underneath in a neat little sticker. 

Unscrewing the lid of the pot reveals another beige coloured lid, and a thin black plastic arm sticking out. On closer inspection the arm is a little scoop, and it slides off the lid ready to scoop out what’s inside the pot. 

Underneath the besiege colours lid, which just lifts open, is a really beautiful, sweet smelling jelly. I know it’s a jelly because it wobbles, and I can mash it up with the little spatula. If I wait it magically resets itself into a perfectly smooth surface. 

I take one little scoop of the jelly and start to spread it around my face after following my usual skincare routine. The jelly turns into a more liquid texture and spreads really easily. 

07:00am: Stop everything. It’s super dark today and it’s made the phot really grainy but I have just had achieved the best finish I’ve ever had with my makeup today. Looking particularly at my cheeks I can’t see any pores, I’m really happy. I have got a busy day as I’m working in a different city today, so I’ll see if it lasts.

11:00am: So far my makeup has survived the train journey, a brisk walk from the train station and a few hours of work and I’m still delighted with it. 

2:00pm: Oh no! My makeup is starting to slide. My t-zone foundation is starting to move and become a little greasy, but the rest is doing okay. I would love some powder right about now.

6:00pm: I’ve arrived home from work and my makeup has pretty much vanished, except for around my eyes. I still have another two hours left of the test, and I have to cook for the family. 

8:00pm: My eyebrows are about the only thing still in place, everything else has disappeared, and my skin is quite greasy and in need of a wash. 

Which primer is better? New CID or Balance Me or This Works or Illamasqua?

Packaging: Illamasqua – its sophisticated and really different.

Price: This Works

Fragrance: Illamasqua

Initial Application: Illamasqua

Longevity: New CID or This Works

As a short term primer the Illamasqua beat the other primers hands down, but it couldn’t deal with my oily skin for any length of time. If I’m only wearing makeup for a few hours I’m absolutely going to continue using this primer, not only does it give me an incredible finish it’s really enjoyable to use. I love this product, I wish it lasted longer but there are some great alternatives for those occasions where makeup needs to last a little longer.

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