Laboratoires Filorga Paris ‘Optim-Eyes Eye Contour’ Review

One of the things I love most about beauty boxes is that I get to try things that I wouldn’t normally buy, and this is definitely one of those items. It’s not that I don’t look after my eye area; I’ve been using Benefits ‘It’s Potent’ eye cream morning and evening, and when that’s finished I’ll be switching to OOlution ‘Eye Love’ which I received in last months Glossybox, and adored. I just don’t tend to try new things – if I find something that seems to work I’ll stick to it. This Filorga ‘Optim Eyes’ cream came in the Limited Edition Look Fantastic Beauty Egg Box. 

This is a full size 15ml bottle of the Optim-Eyes Contour Cream, which is readily available to buy. The cheapest price I found it for sale today was where it’s reduced to £28.50 + p&p is free is you spend £60. 

The Eye Contour is packaged in a striking black and white box. The front of the box lists the brand and product names, along with the key benefits – dark circles – puffiness – wrinkles. The sides and back of the box are identical to each other in layout (and presumably message) except they are written in different languages. The product describes itself as:

Expert in aAsthetic Medicine: Filorga Laboratories develop medical devices used by leading medical and aesthetic surgery specialists. 

Medi-Cosmetique: Directly inspired by aesthetic medicine, all the skin care creams in our anti-ageing range contain the same group of active ingredients as used in medical practise: hyaluronic acid + NCTF.”

The Eye Contour says it works in the following three ways:

Anti-dark Circle: A unique complex reduces dark circles by promoting the elimination of pigmented residues.

Anti-puffiness: Powerful active ingredients boost the venous and lymphatic circulation to reduce swelling in the lower eyelid.

Anti-ageing: Hyaluronic acid + NCTF replenish tissues. A trio of draining active ingredients smoothies the eye contour for a fresher appearance.”

The top of the box has a front and back facing F, which I presume is the Filorga logo. The bottom of the box has a list of ingredients. 

Inside the box is a neatly folded little leaflet, which folds out into an enormous double sided sheet of information. There is only actually a column printed in English, and the rest is translated into various other languages. The leaflet says:

Specialists in Injections for Last 30 Years – Filorga Laboratories: Since 1978, our labaoratory, pioneer in cellular anti-ageing therapies, develops and manufactures injectable anti-ageing medical products acclaimed by medicine and aesthetic surgery’s renowned specialists. Our research focuses on constantly imagining new techniques to fight against wrinkles, lack of firmness, cutaneous density loss and lack of brightness. Filgora treatments – anti-wrinkle filler injections, anti-ageing mesotherapy injections, medical peels – are provided daily in clinics in 54 countries. Now Filgora offer the first French Medi-cosmetique line of products directly inspired by aesthetic medicine.

The First Cosmetics Directly Inspired by Aesthetic Medicine – Medi-cosmetique: Born from the coming together of two worlds: those of cosmetics and aesthetic medicine, Filgora medi-cosmetique proposes for the first time to combine the effectiveness of radical aesthetic medicine with the non-invasive nature and pleasure dimension of cosmetic products. Filgora has both the desire and the legitimacy to offer solutions inspired by active ingredients (hyaluronic acid, NCTF, glycolic aci, etc.) in order to make them accessible to the general public. All the skin care creams in our range of anti-ageing solutions contain Chronospheres with gradual release of active ingredients identical to those used in medical practises: Hyaluronic acid typically present in our fillers and NCTF, identical to that injected in mesotherapy.

The Efficiency of Aesthetic Medicine with the Previsiom of the Cosmetics – Chronospheres: This exclusive core formula is incorporated into each of our skincare creams, inside Chronoshperes, microscopic vectors with gradual release, which are the fruits of a discovery patented by the CNRS. These multi-layer spheres optimise skin absorption of the active ingredients. Epidermal impregnation for better absorption and a high capacity of diffusion, including in the dermis. Time-release, the active ingredients are released gradually in a precise and controlled way, based on time and the ionic balance of the skin.”

I don’t usually get a lot out of those information leaflets, but with this one I found it interesting to hear more about the company background. It’s not a brand I’ve heard of or used before, but I guess that makes sense as whilst I’m not against injections and fillers I’ve never been brave enough to try anything stronger than a cream on my face. 

Also in the box is the bottle of cream, which is a really slick looking bottle. The main body cream is a frosted plastic, which makes it look dewy and silver in the light. The front of the cream has the product and brand name in black text, and the back is very simple containing the size and company contact information. At the top of the bottle is a white shiny plastic band, and turning it raises a pump action nozzle.

Directions: Apply Optim-Eyes morning and night by gently dabbing on the eye contour. Store in the fridge to optimise the lifting effect. 

I gently push down on the pump to squeeze out a smell amount of white cream. The cream smells sweet like flowers, but is only very lightly scented. I start to dab the cream around the orbital bones of my eye, and I can feel straight away the cooling and refreshing effect of the cream. I can only imagine how amazing that feels after it’s been in the fridge, I’m going to move it there as soon as I’ve finished writing about it. The cream absorbs really quickly into my eye area, and the skin around my eye feels a little tighter immediately. I check my eyes in the mirror, but I can’t see a difference in the appearance of my eye area…yet! I’m hopeful based on the sensations that this will improve the appearance of my eye area over time.

My first impression of this cream is excellent, and it’s got me really excited to try more. I’ve approached this box in the same way I approached the La Mer box – these will be nice to try but way out of my price league for daily use. This cream doesn’t actually cost much more than my current cream, especially when it’s on offer, so it actually may be a viable switch. I definitely prefer it to the Benefit cream, I’m going to try it a bit more with the OOlution before I make up my mind which to use long term, both are great eye creams. 

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