Soigné Botanique Betteraves Rouges Nail Polish Review

Every Sunday I put a few hours aside to shape, paint and tidy my nails ready for the week. I always feel more confident when my nails look beautiful – and a decent nail polish should last all week with only minimal touch ups. I also get my nails done professionally with Shellac (or similar) finishes, but I try to limit how often I do this as it ruins my nails. I’m really lucky that my nails naturally grow quite strong and quickly, so I don’t need to use extensions. As I try to be kind to my nails and do them myself a nail polish is always welcome in a beauty box, and this one came in the Beauty and the Beast box by Latest in Beauty. The card says: 

“Luxury French nail brand SOIGNÉ (meaning “to take care of”), offer the ultimate in luxury beauty, providing an all-round indulgent experience from start to finish. The superior SOIGNÉ formula does not contain any harmful carcinogens and each polish includes up to 85% plant-sourced raw materials. ‘Betteraves Rouges’ is a deep and sultry red which screams sophistication and is the perfect accompaniment to an elegant and stylish wardrobe.”

This is a full size 10ml pot of polish, and is readily available online for £11.00, including from where delivery is free when you spend £20 or more. 

The polish is packaged in a beautiful clear glass bottle showing the vibrancy of the red colour. I love red for lips and nails, I think it’s such a classic and glamorous colour that I find easy to match with day or night looks. This really is a beautiful shade of red, Soigné have messed around with adding too much yellow or blue to make it look different, and the result is a striking, warm colour. There is a cream sticker on the front of the bottle with the Soigné brand written in black text, and there is a black and gold border. The applicator handle has an iridescent finish and shines a gold coloured hue when sunlight hits it.

I apply a base coat to my toe nails, I use Champneys base coat, and then I apply three coats of colour, allowing each coat to dry between reapplication. The nail polish dries really quickly, which is perfect as I get impatient when I have to wait around! It would be really easy to achieve different looks with this polish as it’s not matte, so if you found the red I’ve gone for to be too vivid you could tone it down to a more subtle result by adding one coat only. Your nails do have to be perfectly stripped of old colour before you apply this, if you try to cheat it will show through the finish. I apply a top coat of Revlon Diamond Gel Finish Polish, and repeat on my hands.

The result is a really glossy, vibrant and high quality finish that I love. My nails have also had compliments whilst wearing this, despite having a few broken nails whilst recovering from their most recent Shellac. I’m on day 6 wear, and my right hand index and middle finger have little chips, but all of my other fingers and toes are still perfect. I consider that long wearing – I’m a mum so my hands get a battering! I’m really impressed with this. My next post will be an unboxing (with video) of an Easter surprise. I ordered it to be delivered tomorrow but the delivery company says it will arrive today, so it will be one of the two!

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