Limited Edition Beauty Egg by Look Fantastic Unboxing

You can watch a video of the unboxing by clicking here:

I have two rules for myself when it comes to buying Limited Edition beauty boxes:

1. I won’t spend more than £30 on a box, unless there is an item that I am desperate for which accounts for the cost of the box.

2. I won’t buy any Limited Edition boxes from companies unless I know what’s inside them, and like at least most of the things.

I broke both of my rules buying this box, so I really hope it’s worth it!

This box is from Look Fantastic, and is the Beauty Egg box. This box went on pre-sale last night and on sale this afternoon, and can be yours for £60. Standard delivery is free, but I paid an extra £5.95 for quicker delivery. Usually with a Limited Edition box shoppers can see exactly what is included before they buy, but this box is all about surprises. I chatted to staff in Look Fantastic last night, who were lovely and friendly, but wouldn’t spill the secrets of what was inside the box. All Look Fantastic have released is that it contains 7 items, and they total at least £200.

The box is absolutely gorgeous. It’s shaped like a hat box, and is large and sturdy. The lid is a vibrant shade of turquoise, the same turquoise from the Look Fantastic branding, and is finished with a large white bow running through the centre. The bottom of the box is white, and has the Look Fantastic branding, and the Beauty Egg Collection printied in gold writing. In the middle is a band of white with gold shiny polka dots which is set back a little from the top and bottom parts of the box.

Lifting the lid of the box reveals 7 shiny golden eggs. The eggs are clear plastic eggs with the Look Fantastic branding printed on the side of them, and inside each egg is a beauty treat, carefully wrapped in shiny gold cellophane so that you can’t guess what it is without opening it. Usually there is a booklet to accompany the items in the box – and depending on the company it might give a little description of each item, explain how to use it and maybe even tell you how much it is to buy. This box does not have that, I’m guessing to keep the element of surprise so you can’t accidentally see what’s included until you open your eggs. Are you sure you want to keep reading? I’m going to reveal all below, so only read ahead if you’re sure!

The first egg I cracked open had a tub of Illamasqua. I thought it might have been a face cream, but I’ve since googled it and it’s a primer – so it looks like I’m doing the primer challenge again next week. It’s not the same as the other primers though, there is no tube – instead a tub of jelly like material that smells amazing, and a little scoop. I’m looking forward to seeing how it performs.

Next I hatched a Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illiminater. This looks amazing. This compact is so full of light and shimmer it is going to take highlighting out of this world. Trust me, this is coming from a girl who still gets excited each time the Anastasia & Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit comes out. I love this item already.

The third egg contained Algenist Genius Anti-Ageing Cream. This is a great size tub of cream – I know there isn’t a brochure included with this box but these creams aren’t cheap to buy by the pot. I don’t have a brand of anti ageing cream that I use regularly so this is very welcome.

The next item I had is a Filgora Optim Eyes Eye Contour cream to help with dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles. I’ve tried lots of eye creams recently, I’ll be interested to see how this compares.

A bottle of Molton Brown body wash was the next item I had from an egg. Pink Peppercorn is the scent of this wash, it smells amazing. I love Molton Brown stuff, so I’m delighted to have this.

Next I had a Philip Kingsley Elasticizer pre-shampoo, which is so,thing I’ve not tried before. Reading the instructions the pre-shampoo should be left on up to 20 minutes before shampooing, I can’t wait to see what it does to my hair.

The final product in my box is Eyebrow Lipocils Ink, which not only fills in brows but encourages re growth. I love the idea of this product, I overplucked my eyebrows when I was younger, and they are a little patchy in places. I wonder if I can grow a nice Ladybrow.

Here they are, a visual all of the items inside the Beauty Egg box, unboxed in all their glory. I don’t know if I’d have chosen any of these items if I was shopping, which sort of makes them all a little more appealing to me. Is this £200 worth of beauty treats? I don’t know, but I’ll be costing the items as I try them to see what the box is valued at. Tomorrow I’ll be testing and reviewing the Filgora Optim-Eyes.

Edit: 02.05.17 – I’ve really enjoyed using the items in the Look Fantastic Limited Edition “Beauty Egg”. I found the items cheaper than £200, I cost their total value at £184.19, but then I am a savvy shopper!

A highlight for me was the Filorga “Optim Eyes”, I thought it would be much pricier than it actually was, and I love the nifty packaging and the results.

My standout item is the Algenist “Genius Anti-Aging Cream”. This stuff is amazing. I have never used anything like it. Yes, it costs, try a little if you aren’t sure but I have no plans to ever use another face cream. Ever.

I’ll definitely buy a Look Fantastic Limited Edition box again, and I’ve removed my silly rules for buying beauty boxes. Whilst I know I still need to show some restraint when shopping…. I’m not going to say no to a little treat when I’ve earned it 😇 Faye 💕

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