Five of the Best – Quarter One 2017

I sometimes re-read my own writing, either because I’m looking for a piece of information or to try and improve what I write, and whilst I’m generally content with how I approach product reviews there is one thing I wouldn’t know from reading my reviews and that’s what happened next. It can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of trying something new, and adore it when it’s being tested, but then when the novelty wears off realise you prefer what you had before. I’ve also tried items I didn’t love the first few times I used them, but I finished the sample and have since repurchased a couple of times as they grew on me. 

One of my personal objectives for writing this blog is to help people decide whether or not to try a certain box subscription or new product. I also write regularly and have reviewed 47 items (excluding the boxes themselves), which is great for the detail but may not help anyone looking for a quick helping hand. I’ve decided to address both of these points by introducing a “Top 5” list of items that I’ve had in my boxes over the last three months, and which box subscription they came in. Whilst I’ll tell you a little about the product here, I have already reviewed them so any detail will be in the original reviews.

These are in no particular order! 

What is it? Merci Handy Love & Hand Cream.

Why do I love it? These hand creams smell incredible, and leave hands feeling soft. They are super cute too, and contain little surprise coloured beads that dissolve as you rub them in.

How often do I use it? Every morning it’s the last thing I apply before I leave for work. I also use in the evening if I need to.

Have I gone on to buy more? Yes, I had a pink tube in the box, and I bought the other two fragrances to see which one I like the best. The blue is my favourite.

Which box did I get it in? January Birchbox.

What is it? Theorie des Volcans Noir Eternae Purifying Youth Potion Mask Scrub.

Why do I love it? It’s smells lovely, and it doesn’t need to be left on for ages. Afterwards my skin feels incredible, so soft and smooth. Did I mention it magically changes colour from pink as it removes impurities from the skin?

How often do I use it? Every two to three days.

Have I gone out to buy more? No, I haven’t run out yet – I had a full size tube in the box. I definitely will though!

Which box did I get it in? February Glossybox.

What is it? Kevin.Murphy Young.Again.

Why do I love it? There is no skill required with this hair oil, I can rub two squirts between my hands, run it through my hair and be left with glossy, shiny, silky princess hair. 

How often do I use it? Every time I wash my hair.

Have I gone out to buy more? No, I haven’t run out yet – I had a full size bottle in the box and this will last me ages. I definitely will though, and may also try some other products from the range.

Which box did it come in? March Roccabox.

What is it? Nanshy 4-in-1 Marvel Blender Sponge.

Why do I love it? It was really easy to adjust to applying my makeup with this sponge, and the finish is out of this world. I feel like it’s lifted my makeup to a new level, or stuck a flattering Snapchat filter over my skin.

How often do I use it? Every time I do my makeup.

Have I gone out to buy more? No, I did and then I thought I would wait until pay day, thanks for the reminder!

Which box did it come in? March Roccabox.

What is it? The Balm Meet Matt(e) Trimony

Why do I love it? This is a really great quality eyeshadow. It’s highly pigmented, and blends really easily – and the shade I was given (terracotta) is a little bit different to the various shades of brown I usually go for. It does work really well with the brown or gold colours I usually buy too, and livens them up a bit.

How often do I use it? It varies – if I get a palette in a box I like to play with it a bit but I keep coming back to this one.

Have I gone out to buy more? No, but yes… I spent a lot of time looking online at The Balm palettes to buy one, but there is so much choice, and then I remember I want a Too Faced palette etc. so I end up not being able to decide. I did notice that the Cohorted Beauty Box subscription has given away some full palettes by The Balm, in fact they did it twice, so I have subscribed hoping it becomes thrice. If it doesn’t I’ll just have to make a decision!

Which box did it come in? January Glossybox.

There you have it, those were and still are the five things I’ve enjoyed most from beauty boxes during the last three months. Thank-you to Roccabox, Glossybox and Birchbox for putting so much thought and considerataiom into their boxes – I look forward to unboxing and reviewing them all over the next three months, along with my new Cohorted subscription. I’m back to reviews tomorrow, and I’ll be trying the Soigné nail polish from the Beauty and the Beast box.

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