La Mer ‘The Intensive Revitalizing Mask’ Review

I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to try the last La Mer item from my Limited Edition La Mer Glossybox, and this is it. I’m looking forward to this years holiday, and a little skin pick-me-up before I go will he most welcome. My Glossybox card says:

“Who wouldn’t have eight minutes for this luxurious mask? It’s the secret to detoxing skin and leaving it brighter, fresher and plumper. The trio of Miracle Broth, Vitality Ferment and Purifying Ferment help to promote skin turnover, drench skin with moisture, neutralise free radicals and protect your complexion from stress and pollution.”

This is a 15ml sample of the face mask which I think will last a few uses. Full sized this mask sells in tubes of 75ml for £115 and is widely available to buy, including Assuming a similar pricing structure, this mask is £1.53 per ml or £23 for the sample. 

The mask is packaged in a green box with the La Mer branding, and product name on the front. The bottom of the box contains reference to the ingredients, place of manufacture and company contact details. The back of the box contains the product name in various languages, a ‘Not for Sale’ instruction and the product bar code. 

Inside the box is a neatly folded leaflet, which unfolds into an enormous printed sheet. The La Mer story is printed on the leaflet, as it is on some of the other samples from my Limited Edition box, but what’s really nice about this one is it also talks a little about the product. It is then repeated in various languages. The leaflet says:

“The revitalising cream mask immerses tired, stressed skin in the legendary healing energies of Miracle Broth, instantly energising skin and helping promote its natural renewal process. The Vitality Ferment drenches skin in hydration, plumping skin from within. Instantly, skin looks healthy, resilient and glowing. Infused with youth. For optimised benefits, The Purifying Ferment infuses skin with a potent dose of antioxidants, glacial kelp and vitamins to protect skin from the aging effects of stress and pollution, helping to prevent future visible damage.”

The mask is packaged in a glossy white plastic tube, which has the brand and product name on the front. The back of the tube has the product name in various languages and the place of manufacture, and contact details. 

Directions: Apply a generous layer to the face and neck and leave it on for 8 minutes before wiping off any excess. 

Tip – For a super intensive treatment leave it on overnight.

The mask is a white cream which smells incredible. I haven’t been able to say that about all of the La Mer products I’ve tried but this really does smell lovely, natural and slightly citrusy and fresh. I decided the overnight intensive treat sounded like the most appealing way to try this mask, and I started generously applying the mask to my face. The mask felt cool on my skin, and I was really glad that it sunk in a little bit as I was worried I would make a mess on my pillows. I drifted off into a beautiful sleep.

In the morning I washed my face as usual, and I was delighted at how soft my skin felt. The softness lasted all day, I was really happy with the result of the face mask – I’m going to continue using this once a week until it’s all gone. This was the last product I tried from the La Mer Limited Edition box, I’ll go back to the unboxing article and write my final thought on the box. 

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